Sep 112017

Do you like to keep abreast of Bollywood and Hollywood movies to be released? Well, there is no reason to not be, especially if you are a movie buff. There are some eagerly awaited Bollywood picks in September and then, there are few good choices from the Hollywood too for the big screen entertainment.

In short, there is a whole, fresh bouquet of movies waiting to entertain you this month. Find out if the most anticipated movie (s) of the year features in the September 2017 list. Even if you still need to wait for that ‘BIG’ one, there is more to try and watch out for, because movie buffs like you and me don’t need a better reason to hit the movie halls on the first weekend of their release. Because we love it as a part of our lives. So, without keeping you on further hold, dig in to see what lies ahead this month.

Lucknow Central

Farhan Akhtar is back from big hiatus at least from the last time he delivered a hit. A lot has transpired in his personal life since then, so now, we should expect some serious professional transformation from him. ‘Lucknow Central’ is yet another musical performance from him and this time, in place of his old buddies, he forms a music group inside the prison. Smells like something more than good music is on offer for sure.


The vivacious actress is back with ‘Simran’. This Kangana Ranaunt starrer can be another power-house performance from the Queen. Riding high on the hopes of the audience, will Kangana deliver another stellar performance this time too? It seems so, considering, she again has a personality-centred movie release on schedule in September. The plot is different from what seems in the promo. It is about the journey of a Gujarati housekeeping lady landing in the crime field in the US. Intriguing, isn’t it, for no solo honeymoon trip here. 


Sanjay Dutt is out, this time virtually on the big screen. We finally have a Sanjay Dutt release and the plot is a turbulent father-daughter life in an action-thriller drama presentation. Now, that is how we like Sanjay Dutt, in his big, wide, macho form. We know how he got back into shape when he was inside Jail; he lost some 20 kgs and now that he is back to entertain the viewers, we can’t help but observe much of his sculpted physique and of course, his honed acting skills after a gap.

Judwaa 2

Another Varun Dhawan and father directed movie. Last time we saw it was the 1990s in which, still the current heart throb, Salman Khan, was seen in a double role and entertaining the mass viewers. Varun Dhawan continues to dance to the same tunes in 2017, as most of the songs are remixed. Will he be able to deliver the same, with the two beauties, Jacqueline Fernandez and Taapsee Pannu in his toe? Well, let’s try and find out how glamour can get more glamourous now.

Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle

The new digital-style spy thriller is back and this time too, the secret agent is likely to impress with his statesman persona decoding a notorious criminal mastermind. If you have watched ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’, touted to be one of most entertaining spy action movies, getting as nearly as possible to the persistent James Bond franchise, then, you are in for some real dose of entertainment towards the end of the month. If you haven’t yet, then get hold of a DVD copy or internet download, so that you don’t miss the fun near you.

American Assassin

When it comes to Hollywood production of action and thriller, it is rarely you can afford to miss it. One of the September showcases is ‘American Assassin’ that tells the story of a CIA agent, who after acclaimed fame, is destined to bear the brunt of a tragic life and to be born again as a part of the nation’s most elite covert operations program. Let us see how this Mitch Rapp starrer takes us through the journey of one man leading two different lives.  

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