Oct 212017

Cringe pop sensation Dhinchak Pooja is back and how! The girl is all set to give us a high voltage of torture with her latest song ‘Afreen’. From creating absurd songs to putting it out in public boldly, Pooja is a legendary singer of this generation and we love her (pun intended).

She totally has a swag that is killing us! But love her or hate her, she is enjoying her fame to the fullest. The girl has finally set her foot inside the Bigg Boss house as the wild card entry along with ex-contestant Priyank Sharma. With Pooja entering the house we are all set for some unbearable song creations that will give the entire ‘awaam’ a shock of their life.

Image 1(c) Ghiphy

We bet she is all set to earn maximum traction for herself till she is on the show. Whether she will come up with some funky songs or collaborate with rapper A-Cash is yet to be seen, but Pooja has her eyes set on the big prize that is none other than Salman Khan himself. She wants Sultan to help her in building her career, now that’s an interesting thought and unlike many, she is quite vocal about it.

But before she makes her entry in the show (if there are any), she decided to drop a bomb on us with her new song ‘Afreen’, setting the bar really high for cringe-worthy rap makers.

Image 2(c) Giphy

Hey Taher Shah and the ‘Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen’ guy! You have got some serious competition here and it doesn’t look like you can match up to this anytime soon.

Take a look at her latest track and have a great day!


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