Sep 272017

Hollywood has a serious Chris problem. There’s just too many actors named Chris and sometimes things can get a little confusing, not just for us, but apparently for them as well. So, it turns out Chris Evans, Chris Pine, Chris Pratt, and Chris Hemsworth can sometimes have a little bit of an identity crisis also. 

Chris Pratt Took A ‘Which Chris Are You' Quiz & Didn't Get Himself© Twitter

Just like all of us, Chris Pratt also likes to take a lot of random online personality quizzes, but seems like he come across an extremely and relatable one for him. 

But, when he took Oh My Disney’s “Are you Chris, Chris, Chris, or Chris?” quiz, the result he got probably made him have an existential crisis. Well, it turns out Chris Pratt isn’t actually Chris Pratt. 

Dude I suck at quizzes

— chris pratt (@prattprattpratt) September 25, 2017

Well, at least Chris Evans was ready with some words of encouragement for his fellow Chris. 

What do you mean? You aced it.

— Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) September 25, 2017

Obviously, there were some funny replies. 

I’m more Chris Pratt than Chris Pratt

— Cate🌸 (@catemalonee) September 25, 2017

Knew it.

— Kris Pratt (@KrisnaERLG) September 25, 2017

— Katie C. (@naughTAY2968) September 25, 2017

😂😂 at least they got the first name right@

— Denelle Wendt (@DenelleWendt) September 25, 2017

— Støneheart (@PaulagomezMP) September 25, 2017

Also, this isn’t the first time a quiz like this has made celebrities have a tiny identity crisis. 

Wait I got @chrissyteigen

— Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) July 20, 2017

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