Dec 182012

Mumbai, Dec 18: The Bigg Boss house in this season will always be remembered for Imam Siddique’s unusual behaviour as this time again the contestant is in controversy and is heated up again for yet another reason.

After his heated argument with Delnaaz Irani over his nomination for eviction, Imam is now upset with Niketan Madhok.

Imam addressed Niketan as a rotten apple in the group that is spoiling the rest. After which Sapna Bhavnani, Urvashi Dholakia and Niketan exchanged some facial expressions. This offended Imam.

Imam feels that the housemates are plotting something about him. He approaches captain Delnaaz and tells her that he can hear the inmates are plotting against him to which Delnaaz replies that they were laughing at an internal joke. But Imam remains stubborn.

After sometime Imam passed demeaning comments and asked Niketan to clean the toilet after using it. Without giving any reply Niketan stepped out of the washroom.

One good thing about Siddique is that he is obsessed with hygiene and often gets upset with the mound of clothes near the bathroom and dirty toilet.

After sometime, Niketan went into the captain’s washroom before Imam wanted to. Imam followed Niketan out till the dining area and shouted at him for using the washroom before him. The rest of the housemates shared a big laugh at this incident.

Later, Imam went in and takes a long time to come out. Meanwhile, Karishma Kotak, Urvashi Dholakia and a few others wanted to use the washroom urgently.

Delnaaz tried to get Imam out but he took his own time. Irked housemates complained to Bigg Boss via a camera. After Imam eventually comes out, the housemates react to Imam’s nuisance

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