Dec 232017

Just when things were settling down and people in the Bigg Boss house started to behave themselves, the baap of all the controversies took place. What happened last night not only was unbelievable but also left everyone stunned.

The mastermind of the house, Vikas Gupta lost his cool and dragged himself into a situation that gave rise to one of the most talked-about controversies till date.

Vikas, Akash, and Arshi were sent to jail. Dadlani, being his usual self-did everything to get attention. He provoked Vikas to get into a fight with him and boy, that’s exactly what happened.

The heated argument went to a new level as Vikas tried to kiss Akash on his lip to make him shut up. But that was clearly not a good idea at all. Akash lost it and retaliated by pushing him away which then turned into a physical brawl.

What Vikas did can essentially be termed as molestation but he also broke a very important rule of the Bigg Boss house which clearly prohibits a contestant from getting into any physical fight with each other.

Check out the video:

Akash Dadlani and @lostboy54 get into an ugly fight! Find out what will happen next, tonight at 10:30 PM on #BB11. #BBSneakPeek

— COLORS (@ColorsTV) December 22, 2017

What happened with Akash looks like a result of his own doing. What goes around comes around; the man has even forcefully tried to kiss Shilpa Shinde before. It’s all about karma at the end!

Both Vikas and Akash got into a scuffle but this didn’t down go well with the fans. They demanded Vikas’s eviction, and now the only thing left is to see what the producers and Salman Khan will decide.

Twitter, well, was on fire, as usual!

What’s wrong wid BiggBoss All this dirt.A guy pouncing on women on the pretext of playing defensive in a task,a guy molesting another,a guy forcibly kissing a man.what’s all this?
Is this entertainment? Feeling disgusted. #EvictVikasGupta#BB11@RealVinduSingh @Team_Shilpa

— Komal Jain (@jnkomal) December 22, 2017

Physical violence is just now allowed in the house..
Rohan was nominated for whole season in BB10
Priyank was evicted for the same.. Now what?
Favoritism towards Gupta coj he is a Producer??#EvictVikasGupta@BiggBoss @ColorsTV

— Hina Supporters✨ (@HinaAddicts) December 21, 2017

Please trend #EvictVikasGupta.

— HinaTeam(SHERRKHAN) (@hinasupp) December 21, 2017

#EvictVikasGupta That push was very forceful dude.. Taklaani ka sarr phatt saktha tha.. Gupta ji mastermind se macho man banne gaye… Infact evict both.. They broke #BB11 rules
“Rule is Rule..Rule for All” ??#BiggBoss11

— Rayaan💥 (@me_rayaan) December 21, 2017

Is @BiggBoss going to forget the rules for channel head Mr Viaks gupta?
Unfair evict viaks
Baisedness at its peak. Vikas was clearly VIOLENT @ColorsTV #BB11#EvictVikasGupta

— thisisfatema (@Doremonlove) December 21, 2017

Now Where are all TV celebs?? Now they will not post against their so called #VikasGupta. This man has definitely crossed all limits. He keeps getting physical again & again. Why everytime #BB11 ignores this.Please #BiggBoss11 take some strict action this time.#EvictVikasGupta

— Priyanka Sharma 💥 (@PriyankaPari999) December 21, 2017

#EvictVikasGupta I can’t even imagine #SalmanKhan ignoring all this. Jumping on #ShilpaShinde and #HinaKhan was enough for being thrown out, now this nasty push to #AkashDadlani. I am no fan of akash and I know he will be evicted this week, or maybe next. But he deserves justice

— Nitin gupta (@CA_Nitingupta28) December 21, 2017

Even celebs want his eviction for his physical violence ..
Now plzzz #EvictVikasGupta @ColorsTV @BiggBoss

— Gajal⚡💥 (@Gajal_Dalmia) December 21, 2017

This video makes it very clear that #Vikas is overconfident about winning this show since the very start !!!

Clearly he is being favoured !!!

He does whatever he wants to !!!

But Biased #BiggBoss will take no action !!!#EvictVikasGupta 😡😡#BB11 #BiggBoss11 #WeekendKaVaar

— 💥?Jonathan Groff fanâ?¤ï¸? (@emocraze) December 22, 2017

Vikas Gupta should be thrown out of the House
He has Molested Akash
He has got physical with Shilpa Punish Hina and Now Akash
Big Boss u have not taken any strict stand against him
Its time to throw him out of the house#EvictVikasGupta

— Shilpa Shinde TEAM💥 (@ShilpaShinde__) December 22, 2017

What will Salman do now? Will the rules be ignored for channel head Vikas Gupta?

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