Oct 162017

Just a week inside the ‘Bigg Boss’ house and Zubair Khan did literally everything to create turbulence both inside and outside. From fighting over a bizarre issue to insulting people around, the man did everything to get the TRP’s up and the spotlight on himself.

Despite being warned several times, Zubair went on offending people in the house. Everything finally came to an end when Salman Khan lost his cool and gave Zubair a brutal reality check. Soon he was evicted out of the house but that did not stop him from remaining in the limelight. 

Since the time he has been out, he has been in news for his constant, never ending tirade against Salman, and boy it is getting on our nerves!

First, he filed an FIR against the superstar and later even demanded an apology of all the things from Bhaijaan. For a very long time, Salman stayed out of the mess but finally responded to the statement, in the most hilarious way possible. 

In a recent episode of ‘Bigg Boss’, Salman decided to grant Zubair’s wish and took a minute to apologise to him publicly. He told the viewers that he was offering his apologies for calling a contestant a ‘dog’, and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure who he was taking out. 

“Last week maine kutta bola tha… Main wo comment ke liye maafi mangta hun… Main kutton se maafi mangta hun,” he said. (HA!)

.@BeingSalmanKhan makes King @tentej & Queen Arshi Khan sit on the romantic couch. Don’t miss #WeekendKaVaar tonight at 9 pm. #BBSneakPeek pic.twitter.com/4iYuaAaPEe

— Bigg Boss (@BiggBoss) October 14, 2017

With a straight face, he continued, “I apologise to all the dogs out there for comparing them to that man.” And soon burst into laughter. Oh Lord! The tears won’t stop! 

Well, he didn’t stop there, as he added the names of all his dogs and said how he feels sorry for comparing them to a certain someone because dogs are so loyal and loving. Oh we can feel the burn!

Shilpa Shinde aur Arshi Khan ke jhagda pe kya ho gaya @BeingSalmanKhan ke vichaar? Find out in #WeekendKaVaar, tonight at 9 pm. #BBSneakPeek pic.twitter.com/Qkk4EV5TpP

— COLORS (@ColorsTV) October 14, 2017

Earlier, talking to a leading daily Zubair claimed that the makers of the show asked him to come back as soon as he was thrown out of the house, but he clearly said no and demanded an apology from Salman. 

The reaction of ‘Dabangg’ Khan clearly shows that he is the master of wit and messing with him is equivalent to digging your own grave!

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