Nov 062017

It’s been nearly a month of the controversial television reality show ‘Bigg Boss 11’ and enough fodder has been provided to feed the appetite of the gossip-mongers. The show has seen 10 seasons and in the 11th season too, there’s love blossoming in the house. The sparks have been ignited between contestant Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma. Their equation and actions speak a lot about the close bond that has grown between them in the house.

The two of them have fallen head over heels for each other. On Sunday’s episode, Bandgi and Puneesh were seen getting intimate but in Monday’s episode, they were seen locking lips with each other amidst the presence of several cameras in the house.

The duo raised the already existing heat tenfolds in the house. However, the catch is that when Bandgi entered the show, she already was in a relationship with Dennis Nagpal. Later, due to Bandgi’s growing proximity towards fellow contestant, Puneesh made Dennis end his relationship with Bandgi.

On October 31, Dennis took to Twitter and reacted on an uncut video, where he saw Bandgi putting him in the bad light, “This is complete rubbish! She is trying to protect her image now by putting me in a bad light.” Dennis Nagpal and Puneesh Sharma shared a friendship of five years, with whom Bandgi was seen cosying up with. There is an image of the two posing together.

This is complete rubbish! She is trying to protect her image now by putting me in bad light.

— Dennis Nagpal (@dennisnagpal) October 31, 2017

True that! #BB11#BiggBoss11#bandgikalra#PuneeshSharma

Retweet if you agree!

— Dennis Nagpal (@dennisnagpal) October 9, 2017

Not just that, Puneesh is rumoured to be married. Buzz has it that Dennis Nagpal has apparently been approached to enter the ‘Bigg Boss’ house to add spice into the equation. Recently, Small-time actress Gehna Vashist spoke about Bandgi been married too. Apparently, Dennis is the reason behind Bandgi’s entry in the Bigg Boss house and the former would go out and out on his social media pages by sharing Bigg Boss videos and asking the people to vote for Bandgi Kalra.

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