Oct 142017

The weekend is here and we can’t wait to see Salman Khan dealing with the contestants of one of the most popular TV shows in India. This week in the Bigg Boss house has seen everything from messy fights, diplomacy to controversy. You name an issue and you will find it taking place in the BB house.

For the first time in Bigg Boss, in just two weeks, contestants have already started planning and plotting and taking things to extreme levels. While some are playing the victim card to gain sympathy, some don’t mind getting filthy and downright dirty.

Bigg Boss(c) Colors

We bet you already want to know what’s in store for you guys in tonight’s episode and we’re giving you the latest scoop. As if it wasn’t already enough, we are going to witness yet another cat-fight between two contestants who are already stealing all the limelight in the past few episodes.

It looks like Arshi Khan and Sapna Chaudhary can’t stay out of each other’s way, even for a minute. Just when you think they are tempering down, things just keep getting worse.  

We all know Vikas Gupta is the first captain of the house and he has sent Hina Khan to the kaalkothari. Joining her were Arshi and Sapna. Everything was fine until the two had a big fight, sabotaging the entire session.

Bigg Boss (c) Colors

Yes, you heard us right; the two will have a messy fight inside the kaalkothari. Things will get so intense that the other contestants inside the house have to intervene. And we don’t think they will be surprised to see who caused it.

Having said that, wouldn’t it be interesting to see Salman losing his patience over the incident? After all, didn’t Bhaijaan warn our contestants the last time? But, it looks like they like playing with fire. All we can say is, ‘God save you from Salman’s wrath’.

Bigg Boss (c) Colors

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