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Yes, it has been two weeks since the movie released but I’m not done writing about it and seems like people are still not done reading about it. So please just chill alright, there’s no need to hate on us in the comments. Capeesh?

The Lines Improvised By The Actors In 'Infinity War'

Okay, so let’s proceed. At this point I’m just going to assume that everyone has already seen ‘Avengers: Infinity War’, so a disclaimer for spoilers is not really needed.

If you’re a Marvel fan, you know how much actors in the Marvel Cinematic Universe like to improvise a lot of their lines and scenes. After all, when you have such great and talented actors, you can always expect them to give everything they have and then some more.

While we already know a lot of the improvised lines from previous movies – we have a list  if you’re interested, because shameless self-promo – but today we’ll just focus on ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ because with so many incredible actors you get a lot of hilarious and heart-breaking improvised lines.

1. “Notice you copied my beard.”

The Lines Improvised By The Actors In 'Infinity War'

‘Infinity War’ was not only the biggest and most anticipated movie of the year, but it was also the big debut of Chris Evans’ beard (which has now turned into a pornstache because good things don’t last long).

Remember Thor’s epic entrance in Wakanda, after which the whole theatre started cheering? Well, after that he had a mini-reunion with Captain America, where he says that Cap here copied him. Turns out it was all Chris Hemsworth.

2. “Adults are talking”

The Lines Improvised By The Actors In 'Infinity War'

After their battle with Ebony Maw and plenty of pop culture references, Tony Stark, Doctor Strange, and Peter Parker are regrouping when Peter proclaims that he’s “backup”, and Tony quickly retorts by stating that the “adults are talking”. It was a nice comic relief moment during an intense scene, but it turns out that it wasn’t a part of the script.

Robert Downey Jr has been playing the character of Tony Stark/Iron Man for ten years now and looks like he’s reached a point where he doesn’t need small things like scripts to hold him back. He knows exactly what Tony would say or do and he’s almost always right.

3. “I’m sorry, Mr Stark, I don’t want to go”

The Lines Improvised By The Actors In 'Infinity War'

It’s not only Tony Stark who’s teaching Peter Parker well, but it also seems like Robert Downey Jr is also teaching Tom Holland a thing or two. As everyone knows, this was – 1. The most heart-breaking line in the entire movie and 2. It was completely improvised by Tommy here.

Such pure talent at such a young age, fill props to Tom Holland.

Also, let’s move on to the next one because I’m done reliving Spider-Man’s death scene.

4.”Why is Gamora?”

The Lines Improvised By The Actors In 'Infinity War'

Yes, everyone knows about this one also, but I had to put, it’s one of the funniest lines in the movie and it increased my love for Drax and Dave Bautista tenfold.

Such a simple line yet it had the power to make everyone laugh out loud. Good job, Drax. Also, if he’s not back in the next movie, get ready for my own Infinity War with Marvel.

Also, I’m pretty sure it was at this point when Tony lost all hope of surviving.

Right now, these are all the improvised lines I could find and I’ll be sure to add more if and when we get to know about them.

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