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One wink and a glance is all it took for this gorgeous girl to take the internet by storm.

Priya Prakash Varrier Has Become The Internet's Latest Obsession© YouTube

In case you were on a social media hiatus over the last couple of days, you might not be aware that the ‘sakht launda’ memes are back and this girl is the subject of them. But before we proceed, have a look at the video to see what exactly has made her the country’s latest crush:

That wink though!

The guy in the video is obviously mesmerized by her and that is basically every ‘sakht launda’ in the country right now.

But who is she, you ask? Let us enlighten you.

Her name is Priya Prakash Varrier and no, she isn’t an established actress. YET.

Life is tough,my darling.So am I.🔥

A post shared by priya prakash varrier (@priya.p.varrier) on Sep 8, 2017 at 1:10am PDT

This might even come as a shock to some but she is making her debut in the upcoming Malayalam film ‘Oru Adaar Love’.

Aiswaryarani 2017 ✌� . . . Pic credits: riyaas noushad

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Born in Thrissur, Kerala, Priya is all of 18 years old and is currently a first-year college student.

I do the thing called what i want✨

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With the ‘Manikya Malaraya Poovi’ song going viral, she became an internet sensation in no time. So much so, that she now has 660K followers on Instagram and within 2 days, her Facebook page has got over 50K likes. Now that is something!

While Priya is currently basking in the glory of her new-found fame, we all know that once you are famous, you are bound to find yourself as the centre of memes.

Here’s how the internet is coping with her out-of-the-world expressions:

1.      We Agree 

Priya Prakash Varrier gave all types of expression in that two minutes what Katrina kaif couldn’t give in her entire Bollywood career.

— Akshay Jain (@AkshayKatariyaa) February 11, 2018

2.      Bajrang Dal, Where You At?

Bajrang Dal issued Fatwa against Priya Prakash Varrier, says “She trying to distract our volunteers during valentine”. pic.twitter.com/5R7IpHpJ2k

— Limes Of India (@LimesOfIndia) February 11, 2018

3.      Apparently, Modi Is A Fan Too…

*SAKHT LAUNDE to pighal Gaye…*
       *Who did this*
#PriyaPVarrier #PriyaPrakashVarrier  #PriyaPrakash  #NarendraModi  #sakhtlaunda  #cutegirls #Valentinesweek pic.twitter.com/wsFNDRlc1R

— Abhishek Joshi (@itsmeabjoshi) February 11, 2018

4.      This Is Too Funny

Climate change is real #PriyaPrakashVarrier pic.twitter.com/e5FiqpIPMJ

— Sand-d Singh (@Sand_In_Deed) February 11, 2018

5.      True, True

If you have a good tweet, keep it with you only for 2-3 days.
Abhi Priya ki aandhi mein kuch nahi dikhega.#PriyaPrakashVarrier

— Prateek Paharia (@PrateekSpeakes) February 11, 2018

6.      The Power Of A Wink

Priya Prakash Varrier surpassed bitcoin in terms of gaining momentum. #PriyaPrakashVarrier

— Lakshya Patel (@007_lakshya) February 11, 2018

7.      Kya Aap Pighle?

Not tell, who still wants to be the sakht launda? RT if you agree#PriyaPrakashVarrier#NationalCrushOfIndia pic.twitter.com/oQROzjNP8u

— GaayNextDoor (@GaayNextDoor) February 11, 2018

8.      Can’t Escape, Guys

Twitter showing pics of #PriyaPrakashVarrier to all the Sakht Laundas out there.. pic.twitter.com/dXFCRefo1R

— Kaju Katli (@MonkNxtDoor) February 11, 2018

9.      So Much Jealousy

Twitter girls watching Priya Prakash Varrier 😊 pic.twitter.com/8tRbaDLdKu

— Shy Baba™ (@dhruv_axom_) February 11, 2018

10.  Lord Give Us Strength!

Perfect complaint doesn’t exists  #PriyaPrakashVarrier #PriyaVarrier #OruAdaarLove #nationalcrushofIndia #kissday pic.twitter.com/nfV3KVd4eA

— param paliwal (@paliwalparam) February 12, 2018

In the end, you might get irritated with her flooding your feeds on every social media site possible, but you’ve got to agree that her killer expressions indeed are praiseworthy.

 One last time:

187K followers on Instagram. Thank you so much for your love and support pic.twitter.com/JRB1njByCb

— Priya Prakash Varrier (@priyapvarrier) February 11, 2018

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