Jan 182018

akshay-kumar-sonamAkshay Kumar and Sonam Kapoor along with their team of “Padman” had organised an “Innovation Conclave” to honor all the innovators of India who have helped the society with their nature friendly innovations.

So, during the event, Sonam was asked about a particular invention, that was an automatic cooking machine, if she loved it or not.

To this Sonam replied that she doesn’t know to cook and even her mother didn’t know to cook. But, her father, Anil Kapoor always encouraged her mother that it’s not your job to be in the kitchen.

“My mother does not know to cook. So my father used to tell her That you are my partner you help us you don’t have to go to the kitchen and cook.”

Sonam further added, “I can’t cook but Akshay Sir can cook.”

That’s when Akshay turned to Sonam and her: “Sonam I would like to ask you. Are you getting married this year?”

Surprised by Akki’s question, Sonam was all smiles and then he continued and said that: “If your are getting married this year then I can buy you this machine and give it to you as your wedding gift or maybe give it for your husband so that he can cook for you.”

And Sonam was left speechless! But, she did put up a smile and nodded.

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