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I have already written so many stories about ‘Avengers: Infinity War ‘and the Marvel Cinematic Universe that I’ve lost count. But, am I bored of it yet? Far from it, and it seems like I’m not the only one.

Everyone will keep talking about this epic movie probably until the next one comes out and everyone knows that their favorite character is coming back to life or not, and I’m not complaining. I’m more than happy to dig out more stuff and more theories about this and share with my fellow Marvel fans and all the people who felt personally victimized by Marvel because of that ending, so we’ll just avoid talking about that.

9 Scenes From 'Infinity War' That Are Only In The Trailer

You know what’s a good suggestion for all the movies you watch in the future, especially Marvel movies? Go back and watch the trailers again, they portray things quite differently in that so as to not give out spoilers.

For months, we were all watching and re-watching the trailers just to look out for anything that we’ve missed, but turns out even Marvel was playing games with us. They changed up so many scenes just for the trailer, so that people couldn’t figure out what will actually go down in the actual movie.

Here are some examples and well, Marvel did do a good job at hiding some scenes, have to give them that.

1. That Running Shot

To paraphrase Robert Downey Jr’s epic Twitter Bio, you know what I’m talking about, the battle charge in Wakanda, with Captain America, Bucky, The Hulk, Black Widow, Black Panther and Okoye running.

9 Scenes From 'Infinity War' That Are Only In The Trailer

Yes, this scene, probably the most popular shot before the movie came out, and even after, tbh. But, it’s not even real. If you’ve seen the movie – obviously you have because why would you reading this right now – then you know the hilarious struggle between Bruce Banner and The Hulk where, The Hulk basically tells Bruce “no”, like a moody teenager.

So, yes The Hulk doesn’t make an appearance in the movie except for the beginning scene and well, this shot is now a lie.

2. Thor Meeting Guardians Of The Galaxy

Since ‘Infinity War’ was pegged as the biggest crossover ever, Marvel obviously showed us all the different characters meeting each other for the first time ever. Remember how in the trailer, when Thor asks the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ that, ‘Who the hell are you guys?’ and they just smile and wave at him?

9 Scenes From 'Infinity War' That Are Only In The Trailer

In the movie, this meeting wasn’t that civil but was more of a war. Initially, the guardians are so ready to attack the God of Thunder but all’s well when we get one of the most hilarious scenes in the movie where Star-Lord is so jealous and insecure because of Thor. Also, Drax fanboying over the beauty of Odin’s son is unforgettable. 

3. Bruce Banner And Natasha Romanoff’s Reunion

In the trailer, Marvel set the sequence of the scenes so perfectly that at one point, it looked like Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff had a very nice and friendly reunion.

9 Scenes From 'Infinity War' That Are Only In The Trailer

But, in reality, their reunion happened in a totally different setting and it was as awkward as Bruce in the entire movie.

4. Thanos And The Infinity Stones

The iconic scene in the trailer where we see the infinity gauntlet in all its glory, well turns out that is kind of a lie, kind of.

9 Scenes From 'Infinity War' That Are Only In The Trailer

If you notice closely, you can see that Thanos is on Titan at this moment, but when this scene actually happened in the movie, he already had four stones, and only needed the time stone and mind stone to wipe out half of the universe with just a snap of his fingers.

5. Loki Giving Up The Tesseract

This one, honestly, is all about the context. The trailer shows Loki with the tesseract, which contains the space stone.

9 Scenes From 'Infinity War' That Are Only In The Trailer

In the movie, he did give Thanos his second infinity stone, but he did that to save Thor’s life. So, it all depends on your perception of the scene in the trailer.

6. God Of Thunder’s ‘Thunder’

In the trailer, there’s a very dramatic scene where Thor raises his hand and there’s just so much thunder.

9 Scenes From 'Infinity War' That Are Only In The Trailer

Yep, this one. What a beautiful scene, it’s a shame it never made it into the movie. But, Marvel did make it up to us by giving us that epic entry by Thor in Wakanda. I’m not exaggerating when I say that literally, every person in the theatre started cheering at that moment. Moreover, look at the gif closely, Thor is not even holding anything when ideally he should have had his new cool axe.

7. The Hulkbuster Scene

Remember when Tony Stark made the Hulkbuster to counter The Hulk. While he never needed to wear it in the movie, since The Hulk was just a no-show, the armor still made an appearance in the trailer.

9 Scenes From 'Infinity War' That Are Only In The Trailer

Well, it’s just so ironic that since The Hulk decided to not corporate with Bruce, he ended up wearing the Hulkbuster while fighting Thanos and ‘his children’ in Wakanda. But hey, when it works, it works.

8. Thanos Crushing Thor’s Head

Well, the trailer made us think that Thor might just die at the hands of Thanos with a one-second scene where he seems to be crushing his head.

9 Scenes From 'Infinity War' That Are Only In The Trailer

As we all know that this scene never really took place in the movie. It was just Thanos using some kind of torture device instead.

9. Thanos And The Infinity Stones ‘Part Two’

I don’t know what Marvel achieved by keeping the number of infinity stones Thanos has a secret at every point in the trailer.

9 Scenes From 'Infinity War' That Are Only In The Trailer

Maybe, they wanted people to think that it was actually really hard for Thanos to acquire all the infinity stones and give us false hope that all our favourite characters will be safe. But, as we all know that during this memorable scene in the movie, Thanos already has all the stones, except the mind stone.

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