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This particular bundle of dirty laundry seems to be getting dirtier by the day. The more you think it’s over now, a new chapter of the story unfolds, giving the public and the tinsel town all the more fodder to gossip about. Too much drama, too many talks but we still don’t know who is right and who’s not!

The messy affair between Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan and leading heroine Kangana Ranaut is out in the open for everyone to see, comment and analyse. It all began when Kangana had candidly started talking about her ‘silly ex’ during interviews with the media just before the release of her film ‘Simran’. Some considered it a mere publicity stunt while some sympathized with her story.

But never once we heard Hrithik utter a single work. However, last week, Hrithik finally decided to share his side of the story. Firstly he released a full-fledged strongly worded statement on social media saying, “Civilization suffers. Closer to home, families suffer. Children suffer,” giving us an idea about why he has finally decided to advocate his case.

Hrithik Roshan and Kangana (c) Twitter

Here are some of the highlights of the actor’s statement which have set tongues wagging:

‘Dragged into a dirty perverse mess’:

“I don’t see any grace in adding to this circus by testifying in defence of my character in a situation that I have no involvement in whatsoever. I have been dragged into a dirty perverse mess without a choice in the matter. This is something that is not of my making”

‘Never met her (Kangana) one on one’:

“The truth is, I have never met the lady in question one on one in my entire life. Yes, we have worked together, but there has been no meeting in private. That’s the truth.”

‘Aware of my faults. I am human’:

“Please understand, I am not fighting against an allegation of an affair. Or being childish trying to uphold a ‘good guy” image. I am very aware of my faults, I am human.”

Hrithik Roshan and Kangana (c) Twitter

‘No Evidence’:

“An alleged 7-year long, passionate affair between two high profile celebrities with no trail left behind. No evidence, no paparazzi pictures, no witnesses, not even a memento in possession like a selfie taken at the alleged engagement which is claimed to have happened in Paris in Jan 2014. Nothing that constitutes an exchange or any sort of proof of a romantic relationship.”

‘Photoshopped Image’:

The only so-called proof presented of this alleged “relationship”, was a photoshopped picture in the media. This was immediately exposed, the very next day by friends including my ex-wife.

 ‘No Paris proposal’:

“My passport details show no travel outside the country in Jan 2014, which is the date that this alleged engagement supposedly took place. In Paris.”

‘Harassed for 4 years’:

“I have been harassed by this for 4 years and the well meaning and probably necessary social bias towards women has deemed me helpless in defending myself.”

Read the full statement here:

However, this was just the tip of the iceberg, as Hrithik also gave his first TV interview since the controversy started and here’s all that he revealed to Arnab Goswami:

‘Have never had a fight in my life’:

“I am not a confrontational person. I have never had a fight in my life – neither with a man nor a girl. Even in my divorce, there was no fight. I know that there is absolutely no grace in what I am doing right now. There is no grace in sitting here and testifying for my character and making myself sound right and good and true, and by implication, making someone else seem wrong,” he said.

‘Afraid of being misconstrued’:

“I was also very afraid. I’m afraid that my words would be misconstrued. If I come across as strong they might term me as aggressive, if I show emotion they might term me as weak, if I show that I am vulnerable, they say ‘he’s looking for sympathy.”

Hrithik Roshan and Kangana (c) Twitter

‘Things were affecting me’:

“I need to say what I want to say, but I have to keep living up to this star thing of mine. I have to be cool and not give any attention to something that is not important, but after a while, I realised I was pretending. It was affecting me, it was affecting my community, it was affecting my sense of well being. That’s not being a hero, that’s being fake.”

Upon being asked as to why there was no police complaint throughout the drama, here is what he said:

“I didn’t want to name her. I could have replied, I could have made a phone call, I could have sent an SMS saying ‘come over’, but thank God I didn’t. I didn’t want to associate with this at all. I am a creative person. I have kids. I had no interest in this. Until it started manifesting in the outside world. I can handle things in my inbox. I deal with my problems. I can just brush it aside and move on.”

Hrithik Roshan and Kangana (c) Twitter

It was interesting to see how during the whole interview Hrithik avoided calling Kangana by her name and kept referring to her as, ‘the lady’, ‘the person’, ‘the girl’ and so on.

Interestingly, all that Hrithik’s statement has done has snowballed the entire issue into something even bigger than before. The ball is in Kangana’s court now and we can’t wait to see the scorching forehand with which she hits back.

Check out the whole interview here.



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