Jun 292017

salmanSohail Khan and Salman Khan, who teamed up for their latest release Tubelight, are at the receiving end of critics bashing! The movie has been given low ratings by the critics.

Salman had recently gone on record to say that he only cared about the response of his fans and that critic ratings never bothered him much.

And now, brother Sohail, who played the role of Bharat Singh Bisht in the movie opened up about the same. He was quoted as saying, “Salman Bhai would be really worried if his fans and the people, who pay money to watch his film, were not happy. Because he really is concerned about the ticket-paying audience which must not feel let down at any cost. Of course, the critics have every right to feel whatever they think right. And Bhai accepts that without prejudice or suspicion. But, they should avoid personal comments and barbs aimed at an actor’s personal life. Please review the film, not Salman Bhai’s life.” (sic)

He further added, “It is what the public feels that bothers him. Salman Bhai is a responsible actor. Contrary to his image, he takes his duties towards his fans very seriously.” (sic)

Well, have you watched Tubelight yet? Did you like it? Leave your comments below!

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Jun 212017

salmansohailActor Sohail Khan, who will be seen with his superstar brother Salman Khan in the forthcoming movie “Tubelight”, says he never felt overshadowed by his sibling on screen.

In “Tubelight”, they are playing on screen brothers.

Asked if he had any pressure to match up his performance and screen presence with Salman, Sohail told IANS here: “No, I never felt overshadowed by (Salman) bhai, because in this film, he is not playing ‘The Salman Khan’. Maybe in audience’s mind, he is a hero, but he did not act that way.

“In fact, I believe that whether it is Salman Khan or even any character actor, you should not compete in a scene to get more eyeballs or feel insecure. The moment you try any of that, you spoil the scene. I, as an actor, only focus on my part. The rest automatically falls in place,” he added.

While the film is an emotional journey of two brothers, and the story is set in the 1960s, according to Sohail, director Kabir Khan has created a beautiful world that played an important part in helping them execute their performance.

“When we went to the set, we felt like we are standing in the 1960s’ era. For a performer, that is important. Kabir has an eye for detailing and the team of production and set designers also have done a great job. Since I am a film producer too, working with this kind of a good filmmaker makes me learn so much that later I utilise it in my productions,” Sohail said.

Having made his acting debut with the film “Maine Dil Tujhko Diya”, Sohail has produced films like “Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya”, “Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya?”, “Partner” and “Jai Ho”, apart from being a director.

Sohail has grown up in a film environment — his father is veteran scriptwriter Salim Khan, and most of his family members too are associated with the movie business.

Can he still watch a film like a common audience member since he is very much an insider in the process of filmmaking?

“Oh yes, absolutely. I always judge a film on its overall impact at the first place, because I see no point of scrutinising a film by some of its parts. What if the story is not good, but the cinematography is? What if the acting is good but the film does not create any impact or give the audience a ‘paisa vasool’ experience?

“What if the music is good but the scenes are bad? For me, a film is good, if it is overall good and give you (audience) a wholesome experience,” said Sohail.
“Tubelight” is releasing on Friday.

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Jun 052017

Ever since the trailer of Salman Khan-starrer ‘Tubelight’ was released, two things have been primarily doing the rounds. First is the unmatchable bond shared by real-life brothers Salman and Sohail on-screen, and second is Salman’s goofy, innocent and funny side that has been winning hearts across the country. Having said that, there’s one thing that most of us have been thinking about, why was Sohail chosen to play Salman’s on-screen brother? Had the chemistry been same if someone was shortlisted for the role? Well, director Kabir Khan and the two Khan bhais have answered the question for you.

‘Bhai Ka Bhai’ Video Shows Sohail & Salman Khan Talk About ‘Tubelight’© Salman khan films

A video titled ‘Bhai Ka Bhai’ was posted by the makers of ‘Tubelight’, where the two brothers opened up about taking up the role. Talking about ‘Tubelight’, Kabir Khan said, “The moment you see them on screen, you don’t have to spend time in establishing sibling bonding. You know, one shot and the audience is already convinced that these two are brothers. They are very close to each other.” When asked about his baby brother, Salman said “There was no better choice than Sohail for this film because he is my brother. We understand each other. If there was an emotional scene, it was natural for us to display emotions.”

‘Bhai Ka Bhai’ Video Shows Sohail & Salman Khan Talk About ‘Tubelight’© Salman khan films

Sohail too added in the conversation stating that, “Salman Bhai mentioned Tubelight to me. They wanted someone who wouldn’t just play the character of his brother but also felt the character. He is my younger brother in the film but he is also someone who adores his elder brother and protects him for certain reasons.” The movie is slated to release on June 23. But, we are sure Sohail must have loved to play the role, because who wants to miss the chance of schooling their elder brother even if it’s on-screen.

While the two brothers are slaying it onscreen with their cute relationship, some of us will be still fighting with our siblings over the remote or who gets to laze on the couch while watching TV. However, we loved the duo even when they were fighting against each other to win Priyanka Chopra’s heart in ‘God Tussi Great Ho’. Also how can we forget their hilarious avatar when they were trying to impress Katrina with their funny antics in ‘Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya?’

Source: Hindustan Times

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