Aug 062017

All of us are guilty of getting a little too attached with our favorite fictional characters. Be it superheroes, kings and queens, or badass villains. But behind those larger-than-life action scenes is..well… a superb visual effects team. They really do package it so well for us that we can’t help but fall for the big picture. While we all know the reality, it’s comforting to take refuge in fantasy every once in a while. After all, what are we without a little imagination. So when we came across these crazy visual effects on Twitter, naturally things were ruined for us. We thought it’d be selfish if we suffered alone. 

Safe to say you won’t be able to unsee these. 

Hard to take someone seriously when they look like this

— After Effect (@Vfx_post) August 4, 2017

How you think of yourself Vs you in real life

— After Effect (@Vfx_post) July 25, 2017

The scene that gave us vertigo

— After Effect (@Vfx_post) August 1, 2017

GOT ruined for us forever

— After Effect (@Vfx_post) July 27, 2017

How you want it Vs how bae wants it 

After Effect.

— Jim Reed (@JBR509) August 1, 2017

And you thought acting was easy?!

— After Effect (@Vfx_post) July 31, 2017

Childhood. Memory. Ruined.

— After Effect (@Vfx_post) July 30, 2017

How you see her Vs how she actually poses for the picture

— After Effect (@Vfx_post) August 4, 2017

Real life is a lot more comical

— After Effect (@Vfx_post) August 5, 2017


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