May 162018

Just weeks after we were left to tend to our fragile hearts in the aftermath of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ comes another superhero film. Except thankfully for us, it wont be as gut-wrenching as Infinity War, where half of our favourite superheroes were wiped out in a matter of a second. This Friday, Ryan Reynolds returns in his most fun avatar as  Deadpool, in the second installment of the film. If that isn’t cause for excitement yet, sample this news: Ranveer ‘Baba’ Singh will be voicing the Hindi version of Deadpool. Small joys, but that effectively means that Bollywood’s eternal fun man, Ranveer Singh is also in Marvels anti-hero ‘Deadpool 2’.

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If the Hindi trailer is any proof, we can be sure of one thing: It’s going to be one hell of a joyride. In the immensely enjoyable trailer itself, Singh as Deadpool is heard uttering colourful and localised phrases like Uski maa ka, saki naka besides cursing in pure abandon in not just Hindi, but also marathi and Punjabi accents. From the trailer, it’s evident how easily Singh has managed to get into the skin of the character to make us feel like ‘Deadpool 2’ in Hindi would be no different than the one in English. And, believe it or not, the Deadpool team has found a perfect match in Ranveer Singh.

We were first introduced to the unconventional Deadpool with a penchant for twisted jokes, all-round quirkiness, and infectious screen presence (despite the face) almost two years ago. In the fun-filled adventure that followed in Deadpool, we gleaned some crucial bits about him: his no-nonsense personality was the stuff of dreams, his wit was unparalleled and most importantly, he had the weirdly right balance of mischief and responsibility. After the film came out, the one universal word that would be attached to the superhero was unadulterated fun.

Now, pause, breathe, and take a second to reflect. Is there any Bollywood actor whose personality screams unadulterated fun? Chances are, you thought of none other than Ranveer Singh, didn’t you?

With his electric gaze, mischievous sex appeal, and his eternal energy, Singh is a living, nothing but a breathing, living embodiment of Deadpool himself. Not even Ryan Reynolds can come close to the inherent chutzpah that Singh is adept at channeling.

Think about it, what better Deadpool than the man who dances like no one’s watching, is the life of every party, and ensures that he makes a statement wherever he goes. In fact, entertaining might as well be his middle name.

Why Ranveer Singh Is The Perfect Bollywood Deadpool© Twitter

There are a lot of reasons the Deadpool franchise was successful in amassing a cult appeal. But, the main reason was how the film revels in its anti-heroness. It wasn’t your usual superhero film with self-important protagonists who were acutely aware of their own greatness. One who chose a boring life in order to be admired. Ones who wear their Messiah complex as a well-earned badge. Unlike these heroes who take endless care to hide their greys, and make you feel as if you’re either born a hero or not, Deadpool celebrates his unlikeability. 

Deadpool is a testament to the fact that being a hero doesn’t require adoption of conventional (and frankly, boring) means. Anyone can be a hero, as long as they’re not afraid to acknowledge that can be quite an asshole too. Most of all, to my mind, the biggest achievement of Deadpool is that it shatters the myth of heroes being perfect.

Why Ranveer Singh Is The Perfect Bollywood Deadpool© Twitter

Coincidentally, it’s also the very myth Singh unknowingly shatters every day. His larger than life persona and fun and frolic attitude guarantees that we know that our heroes are not some untouchable gods. They’re real humans who should be celebrated as much for their talents as their kinks and abilities to let their hair down. Which in Singh’s case is either dressing up in pajamas for an Awards show or lifting the groom in a wedding as a prop for his dance move. 

Sample this: At a special screening for ‘Deadpool 2’, Singh spanked the character’s action-figure. That’s such a Deadpool and Ranveer Singh thing to do at the same time.

It’s only fair then that Singh voices Deadpool. Apart from the fact that there can be no jodi better than this, it could be the impetus that dubbed Hollywood movies desperately need.

Why Ranveer Singh Is The Perfect Bollywood Deadpool© Twitter

In India, dubbed Hollywood movies have always gotten the stepmotherly status. The existence of their Hindi versions are merely incidental; done as a formality and ones that never cease to embarass. Who doesn’t remember the heartbreakingly swift translation of Godzilla into badi chipkali, which essentially robbed the film of its essence? 

But, with Ranveer Singh at the helm, ‘Deadpool 2’ might just be the game-changer. It could really be the silver lining that Hindi versions of Hollywood movies have been patiently craving. Rest assured, the dubbing of ‘Deadpool 2’ will not have been done without any thought, and thanks to Ranveer Singh, I’m sure, more people will be considering to head out to watch the Hindi dubbed version of ‘Deadpool 2’. I, for one, will certainly be one of them. In fact, I’ll also be petitioning for him to headline in a completely Bollywood version of Deadpool.

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