Sep 122017

Television heartthrob Karan Kundra, actor Sumeet Vyas, and YouTube sensation Sahil Khattar are the adventurous ‘stupid men’ on the block. Blame it on their upcoming show that people call them ‘stupid.’

The trio was at the mid-day office to promote their upcoming adventurous show ‘Stupid Man Smart Phone,’ which is all set to break the notion of how one sees an adventure show.

Talking about the show, the boys exclusively told mid-day, “In the show, we are all ourselves with our cell phones. From the time we wake up. The format is that if you are left in a godforsaken place, in very critical circumstances, you only have your cell phone (no food and money) to survive. So, can you do it? And of course, we can survive with the cell phones, therefore we are here. “

When further questioned them about the various challenges and hurdles they went through, the trio shared some hilarious and scary anecdotes.

While Karan spoke about how he literally stole momos from a kid for his survival, and a point, where he had to climb the tree of a dense forest and fetch for the route ahead, Sahil Khattar’s experience with a camel in Rajasthan is a hilarious one, wherein Sumeet and Karan made fun of him over his experience with the camel.

Sahil said, “We climbed the camel, got down. We didn’t know how to climb it. So, we took Google’s help and managed to do it. It was very difficult. Only we know how we escaped that terror. There was a point, where the camel was about to kiss Sumeet (laughs.)” He added, “We had to sit on the camel, but the camel just wasn’t ready for the ride. Technically, until the camel doesn’t sit, how would we sit on it? We went live, and people gave us brilliant (being sarcastic) suggestions. I jumped and managed to sit, then Sumeet asked me, ‘you went up but how will you come down?”

Later, Karan Kundra mentioned about his experiences of how he made products made of yak milk, Sahil cut in and said that he had to have camel’s milk as he was very hungry. While Sahil explained that how on his travelling expert’s suggestion, he milked the camel Karan and Sumeet joked as to how he found the animal’s gender and they realised that they need to fondle the camel, before extracting its milk.

Sahil told, “For around half-an-hour, Sumeet ‘bhai’ fondled it, and when the camel got charged,  a river of milk started pouring in.” After which, Karan smartly said, “This is a very sophisticated way of explaining the entire incident. (Laughs) A while ago, when he was narrating it, Sumeet was actually rolling on the floor.”

The troop’s first-day halt was in Rajasthan, which is one of the most haunted places in India, and that left us petrified. Their show ‘Stupid Man, Smart Phone’ releases in September 2017.

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