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Due to multiple cases filed at the same time, celebrity endorsers were targeted majorly in India in 2015. As a result of which Consumer Protection Bill, 2015, called for tough penalties which can include a fine of up to Rs 50 lakh and imprisonment of up to five years – for those irresponsible celebrities. They need to be cautious with the product which they decide to endorse. The law, however, does not restrict stupid advertisements, so let us today discuss the worse decisions our “favorite” celebrities have made. 

Shahrukh Khan, Lux

Weird Products Celebrities Have Endorsed And Their Embarrassing Advertisements© Pinterest/dahliainsanifar

In our opinion, Lux has always had simply hilarious ads (Not a compliment). But they definitely lowered their own bar with this ad in 2005 with SRK. Tell me if you don’t think that Hema Malini was photoshopped on it straight from the Kent ad. Obviously, people had doubts about the ad, in an interview, SRK revealed, “Some people think it’s a girlie ad, that it questions my sexuality. But I love the idea of getting into the tub, just as I had seen all my lovely leading ladies do.”

Fair And Handsome/Lovely

Our handsome��#FairandHandsome �

— Aslı SRK (@I_WantToPlaySRK) April 26, 2017

There is honestly no single fairness cream ad which made any amount of sense, but it is especially embarrassing when celebrities (actually their photoshopped doppelgangers) do them. Shahrukh Khan received a piercing dash of backlash for his fairness cream ad. But, obviously given it’s him, he had a witty and manipulating response to shut the haters.

Others who made money in the fairness obsessed country are Yami Gautam (For Fair And Lovely), John Abraham (For Garnier), Priyanka Chopra (Ponds White Beauty), and the most surprising one was Emraan Hashmi for MeGlow.

We were surprised for the only reason that we would honestly expect MeBlow from him not MeGlow.

#FairAndLovely #BarackObama took fairness challenge

Now haters gonna say it’s Photoshop ðŸ˜?ðŸ˜?

— dev (@hiiamdevd) July 7, 2017

It is strange how celebrities in India get away with such objectionable ads and land in trouble for making a movie about a historical character.

Malaika Arora Khan, Zandu Balm

The sketchy reason to include this here is the fact that she was forced to make this ad. Emami sent a legal notice to the Arbaaz Khan production for infringement of copyright and using “Zandu Balm” for Dabangg’s item song. The settlement not only made Malaika endorse Zandu Balm and self-nominate her name for Memes, but also parts of the song was used in the advertisement.

Foreign Invasion

Ads with foreign familiar faces and forced cultural appropriation instantly makes you laugh and then a little sad. In 2008, Bajaj managed to get Jackie Chan to star in this ad for Bajaj Discover DTSi. Although it was seemingly shot in China, but Chan did Namastey (talk about cultural appropriation). Pierce Brosnan, James Bond star, was tricked by Pan Bahar to endorse their products. On realizing that the product can contain ingredients causing cancer, he distanced himself from the endorsement of the same and demanded to take down all the advertisements, including him, but things stay with Internet forever, especially the things you don’t want.

Ranveer Ching

his name is #RanveerChing !! awe  Ranveer u nailed it . @RanveerOfficial   #RanveerRohitShettyHitJodi

— SSL (@shandarsamia) August 28, 2016

He is on the list for a very personal reason. Instead of explaining the reason, I would like to tell you my name Shulanda SINGH. You can only imagine how that catchy jingle spoiled the lives of all the Singhs on the face of planet Earth. And there are a lot of us.

Parle-G, G manne Gabbar

We know it is too old but it’s definitely gold. I hope it made your day as much as ours. 

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