Oct 152017

No matter where you go today, somehow politics is always a topic on the table. Ranging from how effective demonetization was to “oh my god, did so-and-so politician just say that?” are just some expressions we drop all the time. Basically, politics is not something we can avoid, even if we want to.

 Keeping that in mind, you will agree with me when I say there is something about political dramas that is unparalleled when it comes to the genre itself. Watching those powerful men and women scheme their brains off just to get to the top, while they tear anyone apart who gets in their way….is simply delicious! Also, we can appreciate shows that try to show the lighter side of a world that battles its own kind of war every day.

Binge-watch your heart out this week with this list of 6 political dramas we are sure you will enjoy:

1.      Designated Survivor

Designated Survivor(c) ABC

What happens when you suddenly, against your will become the most powerful person in the world? An explosion during the States of Union kills everyone except one man, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Thomas Kirkman. And he is the next President of the United States. This designated survivor has no clue what he has signed up for and what makes it interesting is that this is not what he wanted…ever! High on drama, this one is a great watch.

2.      House of Cards

House of Cards(c) Netflix

What are the first words that pop into your head when you hear politics? Conspiracy, planning and plotting, dirty tricks and everything beyond it. Netflix’s original ‘House of Cards’ has it all. Frank and Claire Underwood are so ambitious that they can literally do anything for power…literally. Promises are broken and a path towards destruction is charted, that what this power couple is all about. If you mess with the Underwoods, then may the Lord help you! Watch this and find out for yourself how far you can go to get what you want.

 3.      Madam Secretary

madam secretaryCBS

When you are a woman, the world of politics is even tougher as it is supposed to be a ‘dog-eat-dog’ environment. ‘Madam Secretary’ follows the life of Dr. Elizabeth McCord who has been appointed as the US Secretary of State. Be it settling international diplomacy issues or battling office politics, McCord’s doing her best to balance her work and personal life, without letting either affect the other. This one we can totally vouch for!

 4.      Veep

Veep(c) HBO

Looking for something that deals with politics but is less intense and high on comedy? Then ‘Veep’ is just for you. This series follows the life of Vice President of the U.S. played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus. The plot is simple- how she and her team try to run a highly charged office. Enjoy the brilliantly charted satirical take.

5.      Borgen

Borgen(c) Twitter

This Danish political series is quite interesting and has been critically acclaimed as well. The story revolves around a woman who fights all odds and becomes the first Prime Minister of Denmark. From critical political situations to turbulence in her personal life, both aspects help in building up the story. And believe it or not, many have even pointed out that the series somehow predicted an actual development that happened in Danish politics.

6.      The West Wing

west-wing(c) NBC

Many have expressed their love for this series particularly for its making style. Created by Aaron Sorkin, the story traces the journey of U.S. President Josiah Bartlet and his team trying to deal with various situations arising at the White House. Give this one try and enjoy American politics with a twist. 


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