Dec 312017

After months of speculations and debates, Superstar Rajinikanth has finally made the much-awaited declaration that he will be entering politics. “I will come into politics, I will do my duty,” said Thalaiva and that statement was enough to create a thrill across the nation on a Sunday.

His followers have been wishing and praying for this day and finally, it has come! He could not have given a better New Year present to his admirers.

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Since the announcement, the fans can’t keep calm. Such is his craze that #Rajnikanthpoliticalentry has been the top trend today. This news was nothing short of colossal and Twitter just lost it as soon as the news broke.

While everyone is excited, we just can’t wait to see some Thalaiva- style Assembly meetings because there is nothing that ‘Rajini Kant’ do!

Check out some of the best tweets on the Ultimate Boss’s announcement:

Top 4 Twitter Trends of India:
1) #RajnikanthPoliticalEntry
2) #Superstar
3) #ThalaivarPoliticalEntry
4) #RajniForTamilNadu
It tells when Rajinikanth sir fights elections, elections will lose ! what a legend

— Anshul Saxena (@AskAnshul) December 31, 2017

It’s great to hear that thalivar is coming to Indian politics expecting a  good development from thaliva to Tamil Nadu state..

Kudous @superstarrajini #RajnikanthPoliticalEntry

— Sharath SN (@veepee47) December 31, 2017

#PoesGarden will continue to be the power centre of the state! #Thalaivar

— Nikilesh Surya (@NikileshSurya) December 31, 2017

The Election is going to win #Rajnikanth this time.#RajniForTamilNadu#Rajnikanthpoliticalentry

— Metalhead🤘Akash®ï¸? (@metalheadAkash) December 31, 2017

A sea change #Rajnikanthpoliticalentry is @superstarrajini
1) Invoking God (Hindu God)
2) Spiritualism
3) Nationalism

All the very best Sir

— Suresh N (@surnell) December 31, 2017

#Rajinikanthpoliticalentry #SuperStar #Thalaivar Thalaiva Aala re Aala… Apni Kursi Sambhal Baaqi Politics wala😎

— Kunal Mehta (@kunalmehta_mkv) December 31, 2017

Rajnikanth will fight election on 234 seats in Tamil nadu.. and he will win all 543 seats… #Rajnikanthpoliticalentry

— Arslan (@arsalanreza) December 31, 2017

Rajnikanth will become Prime Minister Of Earth in 2018. #Rajnikanthpoliticalentry

— Kachra Peti (@kachra_peti) December 31, 2017

First time in history top 4 trends taken by #Thalaivar they don’t call him god for nothing! #Respect

— Saahil Krishnani (@saahilkrishnani) December 31, 2017

Time to recall the #SuperStar Challenge when #RajnikanthPoliticalEntry announcement is making doubts to be welcome democrasy.

— official of shenil (@Shenilkhan1) December 31, 2017

Rajnikanth: I want people to join my political movement.
Me: you need not tell dude, they already ready to die for you..#RajnikanthPoliticalEntry

— Monil (@MonilKhatri) December 31, 2017

The era of robots 🤖 #Rajnikanthpoliticalentry

— Dr. Gill (@ikpsgill1) December 31, 2017

Okay, my vote for #Thalaivar

— Ramesh T (@hereiam_hi) December 31, 2017

Okay, my vote for #Thalaivar

— Ramesh T (@hereiam_hi) December 31, 2017

A man with million awesomeness – #SuperStarRajinikanth m/

– #RajiniBiggestSuperstarOfIndia#RajinikanthPoliticalEntry#ThalaivarPoliticalEntry#RajinikanthNewParty

— Rajinikanth fans (@Rajni_FC) December 31, 2017

 Now isn’t that a pretty powerful and interesting turn in the nations’ political scenario? Let us know what you think!



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