Dec 242017

Nothing makes us happier than spending time with friends and family during the holidays. We wish vacation time came more often and made our lives easier and less tiresome. While some are lucky enough to have a gala time with their families, there are some of us who just can’t (damn those last-minute work calls!). Ask a journalist, a cop, a soldier, a helper to name few……we can be called on-duty anywhere anytime. That’s life for us.

But come on! Let’s not get grumpy. With an entire line-up of web series you can always enjoy the festive feeling no matter with who you are. With family, friends or just alone, have a jolly time watching some of the best Holiday-themed episodes that will make you feel right at home all warm and cozy.

1.   F.R.I.E.N.D.S (Seaon 4, Episode 10)

Image(c) Twitter

The 6 FRIENDS from NYC have been cracking people up generation after generation. This is also where the ULTIMATE “Went to the store sat on Santa’s lap” song sung by Phoebe at the Central Perk was composed and sang. Classic stuff man!  PS: Please tell Joey, Christmas will be snowy!

2. How I Met Your Mother (Season 2, Episode 11)


This show was all about Ted narrating his kids the tale of how he met his wife and their mother. But it’s the Christmas episode that tops the list. Remember when Ted called Lily the B word and she almost cancelled Christmas in a fit of rage? Oh, also the time when Ted set up fairy lights that danced to the tune of AC/DC to wish a sad Robin a Merry Christmas? “Ohh I’m on a highway to hell!”  You don’t wanna miss this one.

3. This Is Us (Season 1, Episode 10)

This Is Us(c) NBC

If you’re up for an emotional joyride, this is your go-to! A family that lives together, sticks together celebrates Christmas together and this is a case of just that. Nothing bad ever happens on Christmas Eve remember? A beautiful episode that managed to bring that warm smile across our lips. You know you’re doing it right if this is your pick! 

4. Black Mirror (Season 2, Episode 4)

Black Mirror(c) Netflix

Ah! Who would have thought Black Mirror would slot in a Christmas special? Meet Matt, and Joe, men stationed at a remote outpost in the snowy wilderness. Swapping life stories, and how they ended up where they are, these two men are trying to make the best of the festive day. A bit different from your everyday festive story, but nonetheless riveting.

5. The Big Bang Theory (Season 3, Episode 18)

Big Bang Theory(c) CBS

Nerdy Christmas anyone?  If you’re the Sheldon Cooper of the gang, then you will keep adding a tad bit of science, engineers and nerdy board games to your celebration. The Christmas episode from the show involves Sheldon freezing and incapacitating one of his competitors and another where he gives Penny a rare ‘Sheldon Cooper’ hug, in return for the Leonard Nimoy ‘DNA’ she gave him as a present.

6. Mad Men (Season 5, Episode 10)

Mad Man(c) AMC

The wishes you make on Christmas indeed have the power to come true. Harry helps out a friend in need. Don and Joan find common ground over drinks, and post drinks; Don finds a renewed interest in bagging the coveted deal. The spirit of Christmas sure is floating around here. 

7. Modern Family (Season 7, Episode 11)

Modern Family(c) ABC

Here’s a show that has ‘Silent Night’ played in almost every one of its holiday episodes. One that had people getting cross with each other and then reuniting as they understand the true meaning of the occasion. Lily found a new love. Cam and Mitchell zero’ed in on a new hate. And the rest of the family simply took in the vibe of the last day of the year! So what are you waiting for?

8. Stranger Things (Season 1, Episode 8)

Stranger Things(c) Netflix

This series might be all about the thrill, but it just has to be on this list. What is Christmas if not the season of joy and hope? After a long search for her child, Joyce is finally reunited with Will. The Dungeons and Dragons are out again, and best of all, Steve’s chilling out at the Wheelers. Wear you adorably silly Christmas sweater and watch this one. 

9. Orange Is The New Black (Season 1, Episode 13)

Orange is the new black(c) Netflix

The best way to end a season on a high note is to close it with a banging storyline. And add to it some festivities; you have a stellar drop of the curtains. A pageant at Litchfield Penitentiary, a song by Poussey, and Piper and Tiffany’s bloody brawl – merry day indeed!

10. The BoJack Horseman Christmas Special (Season 1, Episode 12)

The BoJack Horseman(c) Netflix

It is rare for a show to provide you a glimpse of a show within a show, let alone a full episode. Going on a road less taken, in this one-off episode, Todd and BoJack sit down together on Christmas to watch an old episode of Horsin’ Around – the very show that made BoJack famous.

 11. Sherlock (Season 4 Episode 1)

Sherlock(c) BBC

‘The Abominable Bride’ – not so much a Christmas special as it was a Christmas gift from the creators of Sherlock to the fans across the world. Set in the 1890’s, Sherlock and a moustached Watson solve cases across town.

12. Will and Grace (Season 1, Episode 7)

Will and Grace(c) NBC

And finally a classic.

Presenting to you a chip of the old block. Will and Grace has been responsible for the after hour wonder show slot that got all the older people of the house laughing till it’s time to sleep. Remember when Grace broke into ‘Have yourself a merry lil Christmas’ right in the middle of the snow. Well, it’s time to relive that again.

And hey! Have yourself a merry little Christmas yourself!

P.S. Don’t forget to order lots of food as it’s totally ok to gain those few pounds this season!  



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