Jun 182017

Despite getting tired and bored of looking at gazillions of mash-ups of ‘Shape of You’ or ‘Closer’, every time a new version pops up, we are the first ones to check it out and add to the millions of views the song has. Further, the moment we think that the concept of mash-ups are completely exhausted and there’s nothing new left for us, some or the other musical prodigy will come forward and prove all of us wrong. And we are not complaining because at the end of the day, we are the ones who get to listen to such amazing and brilliant renditions. Having said that, what is better than having all your favourite artists in one playlist? Listening to all of them together in a mash-up and ‘Soulful’ seems to have tapped on that aspect perfectly. They have sorted your Sunday date plans for you with this mash-up that will definitely melt your girl’s heart and up the much-needed romance quotient.

Mashup Of Atif Aslam, Arijit Singh & Coldplay Songs© YouTube (Soulful)

No matter how diverse or different your taste in music is, there are certain artists that will by default find their place in your playlist. Arijit Singh, Atif Aslam, and Coldplay are some of the names that belong to this category and ‘Soulful’ has brought all of them together. Don’t call yourself a music lover, if you never liked any of them. There are some songs that we feel are better off as originals, like ‘Hona Tha Pyaar’, ‘Love Me Thoda Aur’ and ‘A Sky Full of Stars’. If you too thought these songs to be standalone melodies which don’t need the touch of mash-ups, then check this video out. We can bet that after listening to this song, you will want to listen to it again and again.    



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