Oct 162017

The silver screen adaptation of Stephen King’s 1986 supernatual horror book, ‘It’ has been giving us sleepless nights. Too scared of walking past uncovered drains in the rain, we still can’t shake the image of the smiling clown from our heads. Clowns are wicked. If that’s wasn’t enough, a scene that was too disturbing to be included in the film has been revealed. 

The Disturbing Scene From Stephen King's 'It' That Was Excluded From Film© New Line Cinema

Actor Bill Skarsgård, who plays Pennywise frighteningly well, revealed on the Playback podcast by Variety that a flashback scene was excluded from the film’s final cut because it was too disturbing even for his genre. He said, “There was a scene we shot that was a flashback from the 1600s, before Pennywise. The scene turned out really, really disturbing. And I’m not the clown. I look more like myself. It’s very disturbing, and sort of a back story for what It is, or where Pennywise came from.”

The Disturbing Scene From Stephen King's 'It' That Was Excluded From FilmQ© New Line Cinema

Now we don’t know what exactly the scene was, there are speculations that it might be included in the next chapter of the movie. Meanwhile, someone on Reddit has revealed another scene that was too horrifying to be included in the movie. One look at the leaked script and you’d know why it wasn’t included. 

The Disturbing Scene From Stephen King's 'It' That Was Excluded From Film© New Line Cinema

The scene involves Pennywise and Abigail, whose child the clown has chosen. As per the Redditor, the leaked script goes like: 

“She’s shaking, doesn’t want to let go. Behind her, the Door OPENS. A Little Boy, 6, asks — BOY: Mama? ABIGAIL: NO! OUT! NOW! Frightened by his mother, the Boy runs. Abigail turns back to Pennywise. Wherever he may be now in the room. The light somehow seems to spin faster now. She kisses her baby and sets it down. It BAWLS. ABIGAIL: I’m sorry, I’m so sorry…

“She turns away from the baby. Faces those dying embers. We keep on her face as they seem to begin GLOWING BRIGHTER AS — OVER HER SHOULDER — OUT OF FOCUS — Pennywise crawls over to the Baby and starts to feast. SHARP CRY FROM THE BABY CUT OFF as we hear a CRUNCH. Abigail continues to look into the BRIGHT ORANGE GLOW of not the flickering fire… but the DEADLIGHTS. Her expression changing. Fear. Denial. Grief. Acceptance. And then nothing. Just a glazed look.”

Going by the script, it is anybody’s guess how graphic and disturbing the scene would be like. No wonder it wasn’t included in the film.

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