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Kashmir, a land of serenity, is perceived to be a slice of heaven on Earth. The sad reality of inflicted terrorism, people being uprooted and the perennial fight between two neighbouring countries has made life difficult, but this particular piece of  land is not just known for its concrete nature, but the culture, and the people who give it an identity. Once upon a time, the gorgeous valley was the ideal destination for vacations and even inspired many Bollywood movies, but today, thanks to the current fabricated perception of the land, tourism is experiencing an all time dip. The tourism department of Kashmir has taken a wonderful initiative to change all of this and focus on the positive aspects of the valley. This video, titled ‘Kashmir: The Warmest Place On Earth’ is directed by the talented Amit Sharma and has already crossed two million views in less than two days. The video was shared by Mehbooba Mufti as well.

Kashmir, our home.

— Mehbooba Mufti (@MehboobaMufti) September 24, 2017

Amit Sharma is no stranger to success. He’s a stellar director who has a unique vision by drawing inspiration from the world around him. Do you remember that heart warming advertisement by Google that involved the reunion of two childhood friends separated by partition but united by technology? It was directed by him only.

He runs ‘Chrome Pictures’, a production house with many reputed brands as their clientele. It’s no wonder excellence comes naturally to him! “It was the first time, that in a tourism film, someone was trying to talk not just about the beauty of the land but about the people as well. And it is so true. The innocence that thrives in this land can be found nowhere else. I was humbled by the hospitality of the people. Every location we went to, the people there (the locals) personally served ‘kahwa’ with something to eat, and we could not say no to them because otherwise they felt as though they did something wrong. All I have done is tried to capture the true essence of Kashmir. Everything that you see in this film is true. Kashmir is an experience, and the people play a major part in that. It is one place that I can call my own”, says Amit, when asked about the reception that this video was getting.

kashmir warmest place on earth amit sharma © BCCL

The video on Kashmir captures the essence that resonates in the people of the valley, the ones who have not abandoned their land yet. The movie has caught the eye and attention of everyone and even celebrities on Twitter are overjoyed.

The beauty and warmth of Kashmir…..

— Karan Johar (@karanjohar) September 24, 2017

This short film truly captures the essence of Kashmir!!! The warmest place on earth! Please watch! 💙

— Alia Bhatt (@aliaa08) September 24, 2017

You can watch the full video here:

Kashmir is indeed the warmest place on Earth and this video has the power to melt the coldest hearts, and act as a magnet that compels us to visit the valley just to experience the warmth that lights up every heart. 

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