Jul 222017

We are used to watching big movie stars playing the titular roles in the film. However, there are also some films that are entertaining despite not having a huge star cast on their banner. It’s just the extraordinary plot and talented actors who leave us impressed. You don’t always need a Kapoor or a Khan to make a film work.

Lately, such films have been gaining popularity. Time has changed, we look forward to great content. 

And one such film that has grabbed everyone’s attention recently is director Shanker Raman’s Gurgaon, which is said to be inspired by true incidents. Since the time the first look was out, people have been talking about it, after all the name itself increasing one’s curiosity. 

The film stars star Pankaj Tripathi, Akshay Oberoi, Ragini Khanna and Aamir Bashir. The title clearly drops the hint that the film talks about a crime that takes place in an area which is located admits of well-developed place. 

Well, one look at the trailer and the story keeps getting intense with every passing moment. The premise of the film revolves around the daughter of a big-shot family being kidnapped. But that’s not it, there is lots of mystery, secret and every member of the family has a hidden motive. Isn’t intriguing it? 

Pankaj Tripathi who won our hearts with his acting in Nil Battey Sannata and Ragini Khanna leave you both surprised and stunned in this trailer. Watch it out yourself.


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