Jul 202017

Amole Gupte, who is known for giving us some exceptional movies like ‘Taare Zameen Par’ and ‘Stanley Ka Dabba’, is back in action with India’s first kid’s action adventure movie ‘Sniff’. What will you do if you wake up one day and realize that you can sniff or smell things that are miles away from you? Well, some of us would probably channelize that power towards figuring out which restaurant offers the best food. But Sunny, a young school going boy, thinks differently. He uses his sniffing power to catch criminals and that’s how Bollywood gets its youngest spy, who can give even James Bond or Sherlock a run for their money.

Trailer Of Amole Gupte's ‘Sniff'© Eros International

The movie talks about Sunny, played by Khushmeet Gill, who can’t smell and because of this, people compare this issue with the inability to see things. However, while wandering through a laboratory, he smells some chemical concoction, which gives him the power that no one else has – to smell anything and anyone even if they are miles away. And then starts the journey of this cute superhero to help catch criminals.

The charm of Amole Gupte’s movies is that you always feel some sort of connection with the kids and their issues. The sensitive yet adorable portrayal of problems instantly hits us right in the feels and leaves a smile on our faces, each time we watch them struggle. So folks, get ready to watch this cute kid turn into one of the coolest spy superheroes of his time on July 23rd. Check out the trailer here.

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