Aug 252017

Okay, the ‘Judwaa 2′ trailer is not so bad and while we did find few inches of nostalgia in it and we kinda really missed watching Salman groove in it but nevertheless, Varun seems to have done a decent job.

The New Version Of ‘9 Se 12' From ‘Judwaa 2' Cannot Match Up To The Charm Of The Original© Youtube

However, the next litmus test happens when you start comparing songs between two versions of the same movie, right? Now everyone has danced to the building song and of course the ‘9 se 12′ was the jam back in the late 90s, so obviously, the expectations from this new movie were big. Firstly, before I dive into what I feel after watching Varun and Jacqueline tweak this song into something absurd, let’s just re-watch the original, please?

So now, coming to the problem of Bollywood rehashing every goddamn good song that ever existed. You wanted another version of ‘9 se 12′, cool I get it. Why did you have to tweak it so much to make it taste like 2017? It’s an old song, so please let the appeal stay intact!

You can’t help but compare the two videos and end up missing the natural, fun chemistry between Salman and Karisma. The movie is all set to hit the screens next month and only time will tell what fate lies in store for it. I like the new version and it’s one of those songs which we would dance to, when we are attending some Bollywood night at a club, late night, post 4 drinks. But if you ask me that will this version replace the old one in my memory, the answer is NO. 

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