Mar 142018

“How can you judge a movie by looking at a teaser that’s not even a minute long? 30 seconds to be precise,” was the first question that came to my mind after I watched the latest teaser of ‘Ready Player One’.

In case, you haven’t checked your notifications yet, Warner Bros. India just dropped this short-but-kickass video. And it is so f**king good that I am losing my mind here waiting for the movie to hit the theatres already.

Check Out The New Teaser Of 'Ready Player One'© United Artists

I have watched this teaser multiple times, partly because I had to write this story, but that’s not the point. I have already bragged about how kickass the trailer was; now it’s time for me to give a breakdown of the things I loved in this one.

0:04 – You won’t have to wait for long because the moment the video starts, you know you’re in for something really good. Who doesn’t want to climb Mt. Everest with…Batman?

 0:10 – Ok that’s it folks, I am out of here because I want to find a way to talk to Steven Speilberg and get myself into one of these worlds where you can be anyone.

Check Out The New Teaser Of 'Ready Player One'© warner bros

0:13 – 0:17 – Sheer moments of joy and let me tell you guys, this is not coming from a Chucky or King Kong fangirl. Or maybe it is. Who cares? I am in love with it already.

0:24 – Thanks for saying it mate.

It’s fine if you don’t trust my words, this teaser is proof that time or video-length does not really matter when you pack decades of pop-culture in one frame and turn it into one of the best movies of this year (We hope so). 

Check Out The New Teaser Of 'Ready Player One'© warner bros

A quick context: ‘Ready Player One’ is set in 2045 in Columbus, Ohio where everyone is switching to a virtual reality universe because the world is crumbling down. OASIS creator James Halliday dies and leaves his humongous fortune in a digital Easter egg in the VR world, where you can literally do anything and visit any imaginable world. 

Explore the fascinating world of the Oasis where you can be anyone and do anything. Be part of the amazing adventure in #ReadyPlayerOne in cinemas March 30th.

— Warner Bros. India (@warnerbrosindia) March 14, 2018

Steven Spielberg is a genius and just like his others sci-fi movies ‘Jaws’, ‘E.T the Extra-Terrestrial’, ‘Jurassic Park’; he has worked his magic around this one too, which is an adaptation of Ernest Cline’s 2011 novel of the same name.

If our future looks even a fragment of what Spielberg shows in his movies, can someone please accept my application for the position of a time-traveler? Imagine living in a world where Chucky and King Kong co-exist. Who cares? We won’t get any attention or acknowledgment there either.   

‘Ready Player One’ is expected to release on March 30, 2018.

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