Jan 012018

It was almost two decades ago, when Keanu Reeves came and blew us away with his fantasy science fiction ‘The Matrix’. We guess Keanu deserves to take a bow for his flawless and exceptional performance and for immortalizing Neo for all of us, even for those who weren’t even born in 1999. 

However, even after so many years of its release, there is something that has always been in the back of our minds, leaving us confused and intrigued as we try to seek answers for it. The strings of cryptic green codes scrolling on the screen in the background has forever been a topic of discussion amongst all the die-hard ‘Matrix’ fans. 


There is no denying that ‘The Matrix’ was one movie that was way ahead of its time, so obviously the code did make us think of the extreme possibilities. 

While, some looked at it as a bunch of weird technical symbols, others thought that this mysterious code hints at a parallel dimension or a hidden message, without which there can’t be any ‘Matrix’. We are sure; you too at some point must have tried to figure out what these symbols actually mean! Well, finally that iconic green code has been deciphered and sorry to burst the bubble, but the data is not as deep as you thought it to be. 


Simon Whiteley, the production designer of this hit franchise, recently revealed in an interview with CNet that the source of the mystic code is actually *drumrolls* sushi recipes. Yes, you read it right, that mysterious code is actually nothing but a combination of Japanese characters he took from his Japanese wife’s recipe book. 

He said, “I like to tell everybody that The Matrix’s code is made out of Japanese sushi recipes.” In fact, Whiteley further added, “Without that code, there is no Matrix.” Well, when we have food in the picture, it sure has to be extraordinary. Now that the secret has been revealed, it’s for you to decide if the code suggests recipe for ‘Nigiri’ or ‘Gunkan Maki’. 

The matrix green code© Warner Bros.

‘The Matrix’ did not just give us Keanu Reeves, it also gave us Whiteley, whose talents aren’t just limited to the 1999 release. This year, Whiteley worked on ‘The Lego Ninjago’ movie.   

Now that this secret has been revealed, it feels like our entire life was a lie. Honestly, it is movies or should we say revelations like these that make us have trust issues. 


So, all those who spent half their lives trying to find out the hidden meaning of this cryptic code, can now go home and look at the best sushi places to call up.

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