Aug 282017

‘Game Of Thrones’ has ended its seventh season today and while digesting things will take some time, it is the ending that left us gasping for breath and some fresh air. Oh my god! We were waiting for the White Walkers to touch the wall the entire season and they totally made it worth the freaking wait.

Ending of game of thrones season 7© HBO

Viserion was raised from the dead by the Night King himself and while people were waiting to see what happens, it now makes sense to understand that it was all a part of an elaborate plan by the dead villain to use the dragon for his own army. Tormund and the others are casually looking around when they see the dead army marching. Panic did strike hard but all hell was let loose when the Night King comes flying on the dragon and off goes the wall. BOOM! Just like that.

How do you fathom it? The sad part is that this could mean the end of Tormund and his love life dreams that he was weaving for quite a while. The wall is now down, the army is descending to the other side and there is a very powerful dragon that spits icy fire, if that makes any sense. This means that danger is coming soon and in the next season we can expect some major shit going down. People are going to die and war is happening. Good thing for Jon Snow is that he has Targaryen blood and can even possibly survive fire. How do we deal with these withdrawal symptoms now?

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