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The entire world is still mourning the loss of Avicii, who passed away on 20th April, just a month ago. He was just 28 and his untimely death was a shock that we’re all still dealing with. And, today I would like to talk about the last tweet posted by the late musician.

Thanks for the nomination! � @billboard #BBMAS

— Tim Bergling (@Avicii) April 17, 2018

He seemed so excited for the nomination and it’s just sad to look back at it. As all of us know, the Billboard Music Awards were held last night and as much as Avicii would have loved to be a part of it, it’s nice to see his contribution to the music industry, especially when it comes to EDM was not only acknowledged, but also honoured.

The Chainsmokers Dedicated Their Award To Avicii© Twitter

Before introducing the nominees for the Top Hot 100 Song, The Chainsmokers and Halsey took the opportunity to pay a tribute to Avicii and his passion for music and his contribution to the EDM scene.

Andrew Taggart, one half of The Chainsmokers, said, “His passing was a great loss for the music world and for us. He was an artist who inspired so many in so many ways. Simply put, he meant so much to us and everyone in the EDM community.”

The Chainsmokers Dedicated Their Award To Avicii© Billboard

Halsey emphasised on the importance of discussing mental health, saying, “Everyone who worked with him would agree that he was such a joy, and it makes this tragedy all the more painful, and it’s a reminder to all of us to be there and to support and love all of our friends and family members who may be struggling with mental health issues.”

Here’s the video:

Nothing but love for Avicii from @TheChainsmokers & @halsey as they present the #BBMAs for Top Hot 100 Song. 💞

— Billboard Music Awards (@BBMAs) May 21, 2018

Avicii’s last tweet was about his nomination in the Top Dance/Electronic Album at the Billboard Music Awards, a category which was one by The Chainsmokers yesterday and in honour of Avicii’s memory, they dedicated the award to him.

The Chainsmokers Dedicated Their Award To Avicii© Billboard

Andrew said, “We want to dedicate this award to Avicii. I know everyone that was nominated for this award was massively influenced by him. He made us believe that this was a realistic career, something we could do with our lives, inspired all of us, influenced our music, influenced pop music, music in general, and he will be missed. I hope you’re somewhere. I hope you’ve found peace, and we love you.”

.@TheChainsmokers are #BBMAs WINNERS! Congrats on taking home the � for Top Dance/Electronic Artist!

— Billboard Music Awards (@BBMAs) May 21, 2018

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