May 082018

Sonam ki shaadi is the next best thing to happen to the internet after Virushka and Taimur. The Indian internet is having a collective orgasm looking at the pictures of drop-dead gorgeous celebrities dancing in their designer dresses and washboard abs. The most fashionable diva of Bollywood is getting married. All eyes are on the A-list stars and, of course, the much-in-love couple. 

While Jacqueline Fernandez and Varun Dhawan dance away their blues, Swara Bhaskar looks stunning in Indian wear. Karan Johar poses with a half-smile which he claims is the new pout. Our Insta feeds are full of Sonam, Swara Bhasker, Anil Kapoor, Karan Johar, Janhvi and Khushi Kapoor, and anybody who is somebody in Bollywood or its extended family. 

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Amidst all this, you spot a shy Anand Ahuja manoeuvring through Bollywood celebrities who are cheering him on, for he is the star of the show today. Anand is an affluent businessman, the owner of a successful fashion label, but unlike the Kapoors, he is not used to living his life in the limelight. Being a second-generation Bollywood family, the Kapoors are well settled in their celebrity status now. And Sonam, of them all, takes to the camera like fish to water (even if there is some struggle, it doesn’t show) – she is chirpy, she is goofy, she is living her Punjabi wedding. 

The Awkwardness Of Being Anand Ahuja In Sonam Ki Shaadi© Instagram_the high.liter

Dancing with her henna-ed hands flung in the air, she pulls in her groom by the arm, egging him on to shake a leg. Anand obliges with the characteristic awkwardness of a groom aware of all eyes on him. Maybe he is not a dancer, maybe he is just shy. It’s difficult to miss, the awkwardness, especially when contrasted with Sonam’s exuberance. You instantly identify with Anand. He is all of us at a family function when you don’t know your relatives well enough to go crazy on the dance floor but you have to oblige them because they force you to. 

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If you have been to any Indian wedding, you know all too well how it works. Ask any friend who has recently been married and he will confess he still sees the wedding photographers in his dreams asking him “Sir, smile pleeese.” He is still using BoroPlus on the corners of his lips that cracked under the weight of the obligatory shaadi ka ladoos that were stuffed into his mouth by the chachis and mamis he never knew existed. 

The Awkwardness Of Being Anand Ahuja In Sonam Ki Shaadi©

We have seen the mehndi, sangeet and shaadi looks of almost everybody from the Kapoor clan. We know what Janhvi, Khushi, Shanaya, Arjun Kapoor wore, but we have forgotten what Anand flaunted. It’s almost as if he is a best man at his own wedding. It’s Veere di wedding and Sonam is the veera while Anand the best friend. 

Sorry Anand, the Indian public will always be obsessed with Bollywood and we are no different. Considering the vivacious charm of Sonam Kapoor, we are sure you don’t mind. WE wouldn’t. 

Of course, it doesn’t matter because the couple is very much in love and they are two sensible individuals who have handled their relationship in a very mature fashion. As a matter of fact, Anand’s shy awkwardness is as disarming as Sonam’s childlike exuberance. It’s a perfect match.

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