Feb 152018

Single people have their Tinder and their Bumble, but finally, there is a relationship related app for all the committed people out there, and it’s all thanks to Netflix.

While we were all hoping for Netflix to release a Tinder-esque dating app that would match you with the person who also watched the same show for like 14 hours straight, it seems like we have to wait for that for a while. What we’ve got right now is also pretty cool, but not Netflix-Tinder cool.

Netflix Actually Made The Dating App From 'Black Mirror'

Based on the fan favourite ‘Black Mirror’ episode ‘Hang The DJ’, the dating app is kinda dark, but extremely fun at the same time. If you aren’t familiar with the episode, let me give you a refresher. The episode basically revolves around characters using a device that helps them find romantic partners. This particular device dictates how long the partners can stay together, and it comes with an ‘expiry date’ of sorts.

Netflix Actually Made The Dating App From 'Black Mirror'

And, the app that has been released by Netflix now basically allows you to go to the website coach.dating, where you’re provided with a link that you can send to your significant other and then both you have to simultaneously click on the button.

Trust the system. Visit https://t.co/f3v1QPmbAx to find out if your partner is a perfect match. pic.twitter.com/XV0FXmtx5G

— Black Mirror (@blackmirror) February 14, 2018

Then you get an expiry date for your relationship. Sounds cool, right? Imagine breaking up with someone using that, it would be hilarious. “Netflix said our time is up, so goodbye.”

Netflix Actually Made The Dating App From 'Black Mirror'

Well, obviously it’s all in good fun and it’s not accurate at all. I tried it with a co-worker and we got just got 22 minutes, and our ‘relationship’ was still as strong by the 23rd minute.

It seems like this is the first step in ‘Black Mirror’ becoming reality, and I don’t know how I feel about that. Until then, this is honestly a fun app that you should try with everyone right now. 

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