Jun 212017

The first trailer for ‘Annabelle Creation’ gave out a few plot lines for us to sink our teeth into. The movie is supposed to trace the origins of the ghoulish doll and how she came to be the dreaded toy that she is. 

The latest trailer of ‘Annabelle Creation'© YouTube

The second trailer didn’t have much to offer either. A few spooky scenes here and there look nice but nothing aesthetically exciting. The story revolves around a couple, who were doll makers and lost their daughter in a tragedy. Post the demise, Annabelle, the spooky doll creates havoc as the house now serves as a shelter home for orphaned kids and you know what happens when a ghost haunts kids. You’re going to get a creepy film, for sure.

The movie is slated for an August release and we can’t wait to experience a few goosebumps!

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