Aug 312017

Takashi Miike, the man who gave us movies like ‘Audition’, ’13 Assassins’, ‘Visitor Q’, ‘Ichi the Killer’, ‘Dead or Alive’, and ‘Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai’, is back in action with his upcoming release, which we feel is going to be one of the goriest movies of all time. For a director who has worked with countless genres and is making his 100th film, calling him an immortal wouldnt really be an exaggeration and this goes without saying that every movie of his is like a blade that hits its target with accuracy. It’s impossible for anyone to discuss action movies without mentioning Miike’s name and again we are not exaggerating, this man knows his work through and through and isn’t afraid of pushing the boundaries when it comes violence and bloodshed. And the red band trailer of his upcoming project ‘Blade of the Immortal’ seems to be the perfect outlet to showcase how messed up and brutal an action movie can be. 

Check Out The Red Band Trailer Of ‘Blade Of The Immortal' © Magnolia pictures

Based on the 2008 hit Japanese manga series of the same name by Hiaroako Samura, this movie is a revenge tale of a young girl who meets a Samurai, cursed with immortality (until he kills 1000 evil men) for taking innocent lives. The samurai, who’s living in Japan as a criminal, becomes the girl’s bodyguard and then begins a journey that is filled with vengeance, slaughter and bloodshed that will be over only when this unlikely duo beats all the odds and win their fight for what is right. Takuya Kimura looks phenomenal as Samurai Manji and while our imaginations ran loose after watching the manga, there couldn’t have been a better choice than Kimura for the role.  

With limbs getting chopped off and growing back on their own, throats getting slit, swords and killer designed blades slicing bodies in air, and blood flowing everywhere; the trailer of this badass and mad-house action thriller truly earns the red band status and although we are creeped out by the trailer, we are still looking forward to this one. Well, the legendary director has blown the trumpet loud and clear, the voice of which will be echoed on November 3. It will however premiere at the Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas in September.

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