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We are not getting the final season of our beloved ‘Game Of Thrones’ but that doesn’t mean that spoilers and theories will not fall on our heads like painful rain drops . So, before we begin, let me clarify that it could or could not be a spoiler, as these are some  theories spilled over Reddit and sound completely legit if you do some math. So, are you ready to decrypt Jon Snow’s fate, the survival chances of Khaleesi and his romance and above all, the Night King’s plans? Read on then! 

Spoiler Alert

So apparently, The Night King will use his power to burn down Winterfell, a rumour that has already been confirmed. He will be defeated there when Jamie and Jon join forces and that will lead the Night King to take his evil plans and divert them towards the south where he will unleash hell on Cersei’s land.  If you recall, Bran had a vision where he saw the throne room in the Red Keep covered in snow. 

jon snow and night king season 8 theories and spoilers© HBO

Amidst this chaos, Dany finds out that she is pregnant and it is believed that she will die in child birth or maybe after that. So, while all this is revealed, Sam and Bran might hide the truth about Dany’s true relationship with Jon. Hint: She’s his aunt!

jon snow and night king season 8 theories and spoilers© HBO

Jamie will kill the white walker version of Cersei and thus fulfil the prophecy. The Hound and Tyrion will retire and lead a good life while they return to Casterly Rock and the Lannister source of income changes from gold to wine. We all knew that Tyrion would have a happy ending and his wine drinking will join his course of life one day. 

jon snow and night king season 8 theories and spoilers© HBO

Also, the dragons will die according to the theory and it will be revealed that they laid eggs so that they can continue being playmates to Khaleesi’s child. If these theories have any truth in them, god save us all!

Oct 212017

Jon Snow knows everything now and the world will never be the same.

Well, it seems like the last season of ‘Game Of Thrones’ show will be a rollercoaster of emotions, not just for the fans, but even the actors.

Kit Harington, who has been playing the role of Jon Snow since the beginning of the show, revealed on BBC’s The One Show that he started crying when he, along with all the other cast members, sat down for a read through of the final episode of the insanely popular HBO show.

 Jon Snow Cried During A Read Through Of The Final GoT Episode© HBO

“We had a read through last week in fact, so I know everything now,” he said. “I cried at the end! You have to remember, I’ve done eight years of it… I get a bit weepy thinking about it.”

Even though the final season will come out in 2019, just the thought of its inevitable end has everyone quite emotional, even now. The actor admitted that just the thought of it ending seems very strange to him, especially after he has given the show his everything for the last eight years.

 Jon Snow Cried During A Read Through Of The Final GoT Episode© HBO

“I get a bit weepy thinking about it. It’s going to be to a strange year. Saying goodbye to everyone, having your last scene with this person or having your last scene with that person. Not only you’re attached to it, loads of people around the world are attached to it,” Harington said.

Obviously, he knows his character’s fate, but he has been ‘sworn to secrecy’. In fact, the makers are going to unbelievable lengths to keep all the twists and turns that are about to happen in the season finale of the show under wraps.

 Jon Snow Cried During A Read Through Of The Final GoT Episode© HBO

“[I was told], ‘Don’t tell them you’re filming. Don’t take pictures in Belfast. Don’t do all of that,’” he said. “It’s on lockdown!”

Although, the fact that his time in Westeros coming to an end is making him a little “weepy” right now, he has previously admitted that he was pleased to be finishing his run on the show, as it will give him the time to pursue other projects.

 Jon Snow Cried During A Read Through Of The Final GoT Episode© HBO

But, he can’t escape Jon Snow, and he probably never will. Just recently, his fiancé Rose Leslie made him dress up as Snow for a “bad taste” costume party.

Well, even though Kit now knows everything, we will still, unfortunately, have to wait two years for the finale.

Also, this meme is a lie now.

 Jon Snow Cried During A Read Through Of The Final GoT Episode© HBO

Oct 092017

When you are in a relationship with a major ‘Game Of Thrones’ character, you should see it coming. In the show where severed heads and limbs fly off at the slightest pretext, it’s no surprise if the actors find themselves obsessed with a little gore. Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow in ‘Game of Thrones’ and has already died once in the show, played a nasty ass prank on Rose Leslie, his Wilding girlfriend on-screen and his fiancée in real life. 

Kit Harington Pranked GF Rose Leslie In Full GOT Style© Youtube_The Jonathan Ross Show

Talking on the ‘Jonathan Ross Show’, Kit revealed the cruel April Fool’s Day prank he had played on Rose. He had placed a replica of his own head, severed and bloodied, in the fridge of their home. As an unsuspecting Rose opened the fridge door, she screamed in horror at the sight of the head. 

via ytCropper

You may have acted in a show full of blood and violence, but nothing prepares you well enough for the sight of your boyfriend’s bloody head in your fridge. Rose nearly faints with the shock and collapses on the floor in the video. 

Kit reveals, ‘It didn’t go down well. She pretty much told me if I did it ever again that would be it – and I think that’s marriage included.” Of course, it would be it. That’s too much of GOT for a lifetime, Jon Snow. 

Watch him admit to his GOT prank on the show:

The couple, who met on the sets of ‘Game of Thrones’, recently got engaged and, hilariously enough, are distant relatives as well. When asked if they’d have a ‘Game of Thrones’ style wedding, Kit confessed, “There is absolutely no chance of me convincing her of that.” Long shot there, Kit.

Sep 282017

Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow, getting engaged to Rose Leslie his Wilding girlfriend Ygritte, is one of the best news to have come up after the 7th season of ‘Game Of Thrones’ ended. The two met on the sets of the show and fell in love amidst the beautiful Northern Lights of Ireland. But when it’s ‘Game of Thrones’, there’s always a twist around the corner.

Game Of Thrones Actors Kit Harington And Rose Leslie Are Distant Relatives© AP

Well, turns out the GOT stars are distant relatives! On their respective Wikipedia pages, it is mentioned that Kit’s 8th great grandfather was none other than Charles II of England, and Rose’s mother is a distant descendant of Charles II England too. 

Game Of Thrones Actors Kit Harington And Rose Leslie Are Distant Relatives

They have the same ancestor! We always knew Jon Snow was too much in character. Not to mention he is  actually royalty, after all. 

Cool that Kit Harington and Rose Leslie are engaged but also they are related??? pic.twitter.com/ds4B8OAfrB

— Sophie WilkINson (@sophwilkinson) September 27, 2017

Kit’s lineage description in his Wikipedia page reads: 

“Through his paternal grandmother, Lavender Cecilia Denny, Harington’s eighth-great-grandfather was Charles II of England.”

While Rose’s page says: 

“Her mother is Candida Mary Sibyl “Candy” Leslie (née Weld) of Clan Fraser, maternal great-granddaughter of Simon Fraser, 13th Lord Lovat, and descendant of Charles II of England.”

Game Of Thrones Actors Kit Harington And Rose Leslie Are Distant Relatives© Instagram/Kit Harington

Of course, the relation is far too distant to even matter but fans can’t help notice the hilarious coincidence with the actors of ‘Game of Thrones’, the show that thrives on incest. 

Stranger things have happened pic.twitter.com/DEuMBPJ3De

— Sofya Bourne (@sofyadoeswords) September 27, 2017

Well… at least she’s not his aunt

— George (@im_george_lol) September 28, 2017

Sep 142017

Although the seventh season of ‘Game of Thrones’ is over, we just can’t get enough of the finale episode that blew our minds away. From Viserion, the undead dragon brutally crushing ‘the wall’ to Jon and Dany finally fulfilling fans’ wishes by taking incest to another level, this season ended on a really high note. We are sure many of you must be wondering what the actors might be doing, now that  season 7 is over? ‘Preparing for season 8′? NO. Some are actually living their lives, away from all the tension of killing or getting killed on their quest to sit on the coveted throne. At least Jon Snow aka Kit Harington is definitely having the time of his life. For all those who thought this man knows nothing, he sure knows how to have fun, with his partner in crime Ser Davos (played by Liam Cunningham).

Game Of Thrones Actors Ride In 2-Seater Formula 1 Cars© HBO

Since Westeros is not a place where you can attend to your fanciful wishes of riding in racing cars, Jon Snow, the King in the North made sure that he rides one in real-life. Kit Harington along with Liam Cunningham, took some time off Winterfell and travelled to Monza, Italy, where they rode in swanky two-seater Formula 1 cars. The duo looked super excited, and in fact were all smiles as they geared up for the ride. According to The Drive, Harington said after his ride, “I was cursing at all of you for putting me in that thing!” He further added, “That’s the most fun I’ve had. The first lap I think I was just surviving.” Check out the video here.   

No matter how scared the two were while riding in the racing car, we are sure the experience is definitely safer than the kind of sh*t they had to deal with in Westeros since no one is hatching a plan to kill them all. Having said that, although Jon Snow couldn’t ride the dragon, at the very least, he got to ride in a beast that’s fiercer in real life.

Game Of Thrones Actors Ride In 2-Seater Formula 1 Cars© HBO

Sep 072017

The 8th and the last season of ‘Game of Thrones’ will come out in 2 years and there will be tons of fan theories till then. The 7th season just wrapped up and there are already insane theories floating around. From who will die in the next season to whether Tyrion will betray Daenerys, there’s no end to the things you can speculate about. But what do you when a GOT actor himself comes up with a possible spoiler? You don’t ignore this one. This time it’s actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who plays Jaime Lannister, who has dropped a major bomb on us. 

Jaime Lannister Reveals A Terrifying Spoiler from GOT Season 8© HBO

The 7th season ended with Jaime Lannister finally abandoning Cersei after she revealed her dark side yet again. He is most probably heading North to join the Stark and Targaryen sides against the White Walkers. Of course, we are expecting an epic battle between the army of the dead and allies of the seven kingdoms. There will be deaths, a lot of them. 

Jaime Lannister Reveals A Terrifying Spoiler from GOT Season 8© HBO

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, while talking to Esquire, said there could be a lot many main characters walking as Wights. While we did expect a lot of deaths from both the camps, we were not ready to witness main characters as blue-eyed Wights. Not after Viserion.

“The fear is that I would be turned into one of those undead. That would suck. You know some of the main characters are going to get turned. There are going to be some blue-eyed main characters running around. And, god, I hope it’s not me. That’s three hours of make-up in the morning. I know that if David Benioff and Dan Weiss read this, they’ll go, “Oh, yes we will.” 

Jaime Lannister Reveals A Terrifying Spoiler from GOT Season 8© HBO

We wonder which characters would be seen fighting as part of the army of the undead. We have Thoros of Myr who was killed on Jon Snow’s suicide mission beyond the Wall. Benjen Stark could be dead too, thanks to Jon Snow. Considering the army of the dead is through the Wall now, Tormund could be dead too. He’d look absolutely menacing as a Wight. So would Hodor. 


Jaime Lannister Reveals A Terrifying Spoiler from GOT Season 8© HBO

Let’s take a stock of characters who could die beyond the Wall in the next season: 

Jorah Mormount – The friend-zoned lover, the man with a broken heart, ever so loyal to the woman he loves, Jorah is the perfect choice for a heartbreaking death.

Jaime Lannister Reveals A Terrifying Spoiler from GOT Season 8© HBO/ Disha Bhatia

The Hound – He has had too long a run and without a fight too. We have a feeling he’ll go down fighting till his last breath and come back as a Wight. When he left for King’s Landing and Tormund bids him farewell, his response is ‘Fuckin no.” Ominous much? 

Jaime Lannister Reveals A Terrifying Spoiler from GOT Season 8© HBO/ Disha Bhatia

One of the Stark sisters – Theories about the death of one of the Stark sisters Arya and Sansa have been abound. As a faceless assassin, Arya would be deadly as a Wight if the White Walkers actually manage to kill her. 

Jaime Lannister Reveals A Terrifying Spoiler from GOT Season 8© HBO/ Disha Bhatia

Jaime Lannister – Who knows Jaime himself might be destined for a life beyond the Wall. Now that he is estranged from his sister and has left his home for good, he could end up dead on the other side, or undead as you’d call it. 

Jaime Lannister Reveals A Terrifying Spoiler from GOT Season 8© HBO/ Disha Bhatia

Aug 292017

The sexual tension between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen had been going on for far too long. Too many hints and too many side-glances later, they finally got it on in a rocking boat. As fans who invested a little too much in their brief flirting, we were ecstatic it was finally happening but were bummed with how it happened. Was it just us, or was the scene too awkward and hasty? And Jon and Dany don’t even know they are related yet! Where’s the passion, guys?!

Picture this: Bran’s voice talks about Jon Snow’s parents, as Lyanna Stark gives birth to Snow under a very bloodied sheet, cut to Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen on the brink of a climax.

Fans React To The Steamy Boat Scene Between Jon And Dany© HBO

The excitement spilled over to Twitter where GoT fans had mixed reactions: 

What Daenerys actually meant when she asked Jon to bend the knee

dany: bend the knee pls i incest

— Anton Reyes (@AntonReyesCool) August 28, 2017

That’s akin to getting a call from your mom during sex 

When you’re trying to enjoy the Jon and Dany sex scene but Bran’s voice over is explaining how they’re related #GameOfThrones #ThronesYall pic.twitter.com/fgTjck0fgY

— rosechocglam (@rosechocglam) August 28, 2017

Dany: “I can’t have children”
Jon : *challenge accepted* #GameofThronesS7Finale pic.twitter.com/TBjYa97s3U

— khaleesi (@LaurianaLuciani) August 28, 2017

Meanwhile, Jon walked into Dany’s room like “Winter isn’t the only thing coming”  #GameofThrones pic.twitter.com/8HwqzuQllr

— Pablo Picasho (@Finessquire) August 28, 2017

Dany: I am the mother of dragons. I can’t have kids.

Jon: Hold my beer. #GameOfThronesFinale #GameOfThrones

— Chelsea Reed (@Chelsea_B_Reed) August 28, 2017

The original song of fire and ice, gentlemen

Dany & Jon edition #gameofthrones pic.twitter.com/k4s848KtxM

— Pedro Salas (@pedrosalass_) August 28, 2017

Ygritte does not like Dany 😂 #GameOfThrones pic.twitter.com/JPj8xqHvGn

— King Jon Snow (@LordSnow) August 27, 2017

Maybe this will give you closure

Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington commentating on Dany and Jon’s relationship. #GameOfThrones pic.twitter.com/CaRNgDNs2o

— King Jon Snow (@LordSnow) August 28, 2017

Aug 282017

‘Game Of Thrones’ has ended its seventh season today and while digesting things will take some time, it is the ending that left us gasping for breath and some fresh air. Oh my god! We were waiting for the White Walkers to touch the wall the entire season and they totally made it worth the freaking wait.

Ending of game of thrones season 7© HBO

Viserion was raised from the dead by the Night King himself and while people were waiting to see what happens, it now makes sense to understand that it was all a part of an elaborate plan by the dead villain to use the dragon for his own army. Tormund and the others are casually looking around when they see the dead army marching. Panic did strike hard but all hell was let loose when the Night King comes flying on the dragon and off goes the wall. BOOM! Just like that.

How do you fathom it? The sad part is that this could mean the end of Tormund and his love life dreams that he was weaving for quite a while. The wall is now down, the army is descending to the other side and there is a very powerful dragon that spits icy fire, if that makes any sense. This means that danger is coming soon and in the next season we can expect some major shit going down. People are going to die and war is happening. Good thing for Jon Snow is that he has Targaryen blood and can even possibly survive fire. How do we deal with these withdrawal symptoms now?

Aug 272017

Just like the White Walkers, there is a real-life danger approaching our 7 continents. And just like most people in Westeros who refused to take Jon Snow’s warning about the White Walkers seriously, we too have been shrugging the threat of Global Warming for far too long now. In ‘Game of Thrones’, it costs them a dragon but in real life, it will cost much more.

Jaime Lannister Wants To Warn Us Against A Real-Life Threat © Youtube_Google Maps

Actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau who plays Jaime Lannister on the show has actually taken up a Jon Snow-like mission to the North to bring us face to face with what we could lose. He wants to show us how Global Warming is catching onto us and has had a huge impact on Greenland.

Jaime Lannister Wants To Warn Us Against A Real-Life Threat © Youtube_Google Maps

The actor who hails from Denmark considers Greenland his second home. Reminiscing about the beautiful place he grew up in, Nikolaj talks about how he wants his children to see the place exactly as he saw it.

Jaime Lannister Wants To Warn Us Against A Real-Life Threat © Youtube_Google Maps

And so, he paired up with Google Maps and collected the street view of Greenland to show the beauty of the land and its people, and the need to protect this natural wilderness which is one of the most beautiful and pristine places on the earth.

Jaime Lannister Wants To Warn Us Against A Real-Life Threat © Youtube_Google Maps

Nikolaj has recently been appointed as a UNDP goodwill ambassador. He says, “Statistics, scientific reports and graphs can be bewildering, but I hope seeing these images will help people understand the drastic changes taking place in Greenland, and inspire you to fall in love with it the way I have.”

Jaime Lannister Wants To Warn Us Against A Real-Life Threat © Youtube_Google Maps

Nikolaj points out in the video: “One of the best places in the world to see what [climate change] means is in Greenland, because the glaciers are melting at an alarming rate. The ice sheet is melting at an increased pace — pouring 300 billion tons of ice into the ocean each year. This melting harms important coastal ecosystems, local food and water supplies and is a major contribution to rising sea levels. Unless we change these climate trends, the next time we bring the trekker to Greenland the landscape may be unrecognisable from the one you see today.”

Jaime Lannister Wants To Warn Us Against A Real-Life Threat © Youtube_Google Maps

Watch the whole video here: 

Jon Snow might have got another chance, but we won’t. 

Aug 252017

If there’s one thing ‘Game of Thrones’ is notorious for, it’s the  ability to deliver a hell of an action scene. The battles on GoT are the stuff of legends: involving dragons, giants, mechanized crossbows, armadas of ships, and the Undead. Over seven seasons, the HBO show has given us many memorable battles. Here are some of our favourites:


5) Dragons vs. White Walkers in Beyond The Wall (Season 7, Episode 6):

Here Are The Top 5 Battles in Game of ThronesSource: HBO

This wasn’t one of the most epic battles the series has ever given us, but this was entirely worth it for that one moment in which The Night King hurls his magic spear at Viserion. The question throughout this series has been: what can kill a dragon? None of us were very convinced that Cersei’s crossbows-large as they may be – could finish the job. So to see Viserion fall was extraordinary, because this was a battle that pitted one type of magical creature against another. The lingering question on all our minds is surely: What happens now that Viserion is reanimated? Where do his loyalties lie, to his Dragon mother or to the Night King?

4) The Night’s Watch vs. The White Walkers in Hardhome (Season 5, Episode 8):

Here Are The Top 5 Battles in Game of ThronesSource: HBO

Set against the blue chill of the North, this was one of the more visually beautiful battles. It occurs in the remote fishing village of Hardhome, where Jon Snow has gone to recruit wildlings to his cause. There’s no question of who will win against the White Walkers, who clearly outnumber the human beings.

The moment in which The Night King reanimates the dead is one of the most shocking moments of the entire series. This is Jon Snow’s biggest test so far, and the fact that he survives makes it clear: he deserves to be King of the North.

3) Jon Snow vs. Ramsay Bolton in The Battle of The Bastards (Season 6, Episode 9):

Good vs. evil: we know who we want to win. At this point, we’ve seen Ramsay do despicable things throughout the series. This battle is a perfect example of Ramsay’s superior military strategy, though: as Sansa warns, he cannot be trapped. He kills Rickon Stark in order to infuriate Jon, then surrounds the latter’s army in a circular formation reminiscent of early Roman battles. The clash is so deadly that Jon’s army has to climb over corpses in order to keep fighting. Luckily, the cavalry – summoned by Sansa- arrives at the very last moment to smash the Bolton army, in true Bollywood style.

2) Oberyn Martell vs. Gregor Clegane in The Mountain and The Viper (Season 4, Episode 8)

Although this is a trial by combat and not a conventional battle, it still deserves to rank highly on the list. The small, agile Viper dances circles around his formidable opponent: we almost want to take bets on whether speed or strength will win the day. After a few nailbiting minutes, we see that Oberyn has felled the Mountain. But when he stops to taunt his opponent, we cover our eyes. Anybody who watches Game of Thrones knows George R.R. Martin’s penchant of killing the fan favourite. And that’s exactly what happens. In the most gruesome scene we could imagine, the Mountain digs his fingers into Oberyn’s skull with so much force that it explodes. We don’t recommend eating popcorn while watching this scene.

1) Battle of the Blackwater in Blackwater (Season 2, Episode 9):

This is the first real battle on Game of Thrones, and it does not disappoint. Stannis Baratheon sails to attack King’s Landing, and the consequences are catastrophic for all.

In a highly effective, carefully choreographed scene, a ship full of green wildfire explodes, instantly turning the tables on Stannis’ men. The action then moves to land as Tyrion and The Hound take on the invaders. It is an extremely heroic moment for Tyrion in particular, who does not look like any conventional hero we have ever seen. He shows far more courage and moral fibre than Joffrey – who gives us a good laugh as he turns to flee to the safety of the castle and his mother’s arms.