Dec 172017

‘Bigg Boss’ has become a show that adds the much-required entertainment dose to our otherwise monotonous lives. Those regular with the show are now accustomed to the fact, that Sunday is the day which decides the fate of one of the contestants.

And tonight, it’s time for this season’s most loved contestant Hiten Tejwani to bid goodbye to the BB house. Looks like Hiten apparently failed to entertain the viewers recently and is all set to be evicted tonight. This might come as a surprise to many, after all, Shilpa Shinde and Hiten were considered to be the strongest contestants among Priyank Sharma and Luv Tyagi who were nominated for eviction this week. 

Bigg Boss 11 (c) Colors

But when Luv and Shilpa were saved last night by host Salman Khan, everything took a new and unpredicted turn. So the battle for survival was between Hiten and Priyank and it looks like Priyank has gotten lucky once again.

Hiten’s wife Gauri Pradhan and his kids’ recent visit reduced him to a puddle of tears and happiness. That visit made him more confident and just when he had finally started playing the real game, this rather devastating development came forward. 

Image 1(c) Colors

Apparently the famous television actor got lesser votes and this has now left his fans enraged, as they have taken to Twitter to lash out against the show saying it is planned and scripted. 

Somewhere Vikas @lostboy54  is also responsible for hiten’s eviction.he is trying to save Puneesh and gandagi @BandgiK since last 4-5 weeks.he only told Arshi to save puneesh.see what happened now..@tentej is EVICTED! #BiggBoss11 #BB11 #WeekendKaVaar @TheKhabari2 @TheRealityShows

— The TruthSpeaker (@im_truthspeaker) December 15, 2017

I am so sad on news of @tentej eviction.
He was playing with grace and his bond with @lostboy54 is irreplaceable.
Only true friends in #BB11 house.
I wish and pray that vikas will be alright after his eviction and don’t get lost. #HitenTejwani #VikasGupta#BB11

— Aria Khan🎬 (@BbIsLove11) December 15, 2017

Shocking elimination!!@tentej #HitenTejwani evicted #biggboss #bigboss11 #bb11 #BiggBoss11 Eviction #WeekendKaWaar #WeekendKaVaarWithSalman

— Rahul Bhushan (@iamRBH92) December 15, 2017

So, its confirmed that #HitenTejwani is evicted! I wanted to not believe it til yesterday but now it’s reality. Probably the most saddening eviction of #BB11. The most mature person and true gentleman is out while people like Arshi, Priyank continue to be on the show. Sad

— Vikas Gupta FTW 🎬 (@inthebluz) December 16, 2017

And imagine who was behind hiten’s eviction.
One & only arshi Khan with support of vikas.
Not blaming vikas bcz he would have hardly imagined hiten will go in front of luv n priyank.
But in one of ED, arshi said if given power she will eliminate someone strong #BB11

— Shilpa Kar ✌ (@shilpa5smiles) December 16, 2017

Gaurav got special treatment from Bigg Boss before eviction

Hiten also got special treatment. Biwi se Do baar mila diya. Bacho se mila diya. Fir evict kar diya

Bass sab kuch Apni galti chupane tareeeke he @BiggBoss ki

Ache logo ko ya toh evict karte he ya toh torture #BB11

— AmritA💔 (@_AmritaSpeaks) December 16, 2017

Well, fans are truly disappointed but one can say that unlike other contestants, Hiten lived in the house with respect and his dignity intact.

Amidst all the drama, one can totally see Luv Tyagi playing it very well and saving himself every single time. Someone surely has got a major fan following we must say! 

Do you think this is really the end of the road for Hiten or does the ‘Bigg Boss’ have plans to ‘resurrect’ him?


Nov 202017

As Benafsha is evicted from the Bigg Boss house, Priyank Sharma wills himself to move on and continue playing the game. The nomination task is now in full swing and everyone has to bring in their A-Game to save themselves from being in the danger zone. This week, Bigg Boss brings out a true mind game that will test friendships, promises and beyond everything else, survival in the game.
An Appy Fizz Lounge is created in the lawn area, where 4 lucky contestants are chosen to enjoy mouth-watering delicacies and an unlimited supply of Appy Fizz. These four contestants – Hiten, Vikas, Arshi and Hina; are temporarily safe from nominations.

The rule of the game is simple, try and keep yourself in the lounge to be free from nomination. In true Bigg Boss style, a twist is on the horizon and a buzzer is set to go off 6 times throughout the day. With each buzz, one contestant has to step out of the lounge and nominate someone else to be in the safe zone. The 4 contestants who manage to stay within the lounge till the end of the task will escape the nomination list this week.

Vikas The Mastermind’ Gupta takes Arshi and Hiten on his side by promising to keep them safe, in return of their support during the game. With majority votes to his aid, Vikas targets Hina and keeps sending other contestants out of the lounge. Hina’s frustration levels peak and she lashes out against Vikas and his sly ways.

Meanwhile, Akash instigates Sapna, that leads to her lashing out against Shilpa. The two get into an argument that ends with Sapna warning Shilpa not to pass any inappropriate comments about her status in the society. As the task ends, Bigg Boss asks Akash if he wants to use the shield to be safe for the week; and Captain Bandagi is given a special power to save one person from nomination.

Shilpa Shinde aur Sapna Choudhary ke beech hue jhagde ka kya hoga anjaam? Pata lagane ke liye dekhiye #BB11 aaj raat 10:30 PM!

— Bigg Boss (@BiggBoss) November 20, 2017

The #BB11 housemates to get ‘@iamappyfizz Feel the Fizz Task’ for nominations! Tune in tonight at 10:30 PM to find out more.

— Bigg Boss (@BiggBoss) November 20, 2017

.@eyehinakhan is under the scanner as the housemates team up against her. Stay tuned for all the drama!

— Bigg Boss (@BiggBoss) November 20, 2017

Can you guess which contestant said this statement and to whom?

— COLORS (@ColorsTV) November 20, 2017

The #BB11 housemates get a challenging task for the nominations process. Tune in tonight at 10:30 PM to know more.

— COLORS (@ColorsTV) November 20, 2017

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Oct 052017

Salman_jacqJudwaa 2 has taken a bumper opening weekend and has gone out to become one of the most entertaining movies of this season.

Recently, the team of Judwaa 2 visited the sets of Big Boss 11 to promote their film. Varun Dhawan, Jacqueline, Taapsee Pannu along with Salman danced on their hit numbers, Oonchi hai building and Chalti Hai Kya 9 se 12.

One of the entertaining moments of the evening was Salman and Jacqueline recreating their famous step from the song “Jumme Ki Rajat Hai” from their blockbuster movie Kick.

Salman and Jacqueline recreating the signature step made the audience nostalgic of their movie. Jumme Ki Rajat hai has been an iconic dance number and remain among the favourites till today.

A few days back, Salman and Jacqueline enthralled their fans by dancing on the trademark hook-step of the song ‘Tan Tana Tan’ during Salman’s Da-Bangg Tour.

The talented actress has completely nailed it in Judwaa 2, which is her home genre. Jacqueline is seen at her hottest best in Judwaa 2.

Her lively persona that very well translates to the silver screen, has been garnering love from the audience. She is being appreciated for her perfect comic timing in the film.

As she keeps the audience entertained by delivering hilarious punch lines through the course of the film. Jacqueline has added two new songs with ‘Oonchi Hai Bldg’ and ‘Chalti hai kya 9 se 12’ to her already existing list of chartbusters with Judwaa 2.

The actress mesmerizes everyone with her impeccable dance moves in both the song.

Reports suggest the entertaining pairing of Salman and Jacqueline will be coming together for Race 3, which has created a lot of excitement as their chemistry is certainly one to watch out for.

Oct 012017

Popular TV actor Hina Khan, who made it to top five in “Khatron Ke Khiladi” and will be seen next in “Bigg Boss”, said she would not return to reality shows after this. “After ‘Bigg Boss’, I would like to take a break as I have done back-to-back two reality shows – ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’ and ‘Bigg Boss’. The break means either I will go back to doing fiction shows or might do films, if anything interesting comes up,” Hina told PTI. The actor said she decided to go inside the “Big Boss” house because she has become mentally confident post her stint in “Khatron Ke Khiladi”. “After ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’, they (channel people) asked me if I would do ‘Bigg Boss’ and I had refused it. After coming back again the offer was there. I felt if something comes your way again and again then one must consider it. For me it is about going inside the house and coming out gracefully,” she said.

Hina Khan
Hina Khan

The actor added that she is sensitive but confident enough to handle the pressure and fights. “I have done a daily soap for seven years and I was treated like a queen. In both the reality shows I am just a contestant. So doing everything on my own is a challenge.” The “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai” actor said it is not necessary a celebrity, who enjoys a huge fan following, will emerge as the winner of “Bigg Boss”.

“The show is not about contestant being popular or having a huge fan base, it’s all about how and what you do in the house and the stand that you take. Last year a commoner won because people liked him. I don’t think celebrities have an advantage.”

View Photos: ‘Bigg Boss 11’ Confirmed Contestants List: Here’s All You Need To Know'Bigg Boss 11' Confirmed Contestants List: Here's All You Need To Know

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Oct 012017

Bigg Boss 11 officially kick starts today. If you are a part of the population that binge watches it, then your night drama scene is sorted. If not, then prepare to be a part of afternoon tea sessions where people take sides. Anyways, the commoners list came out a few days ago and now we have the list for all the celebrities who are going to be locked inside. Let’s have a look and decide who we are supporting:

1.Shilpa Shinde- The ‘bhabhiji’ who won a lot of hearts on TV and also faced criticism for speaking her mind against the harassment she faced at the hand of the production house, is all set to be locked inside the house. Will she be the ‘bhabhi’ here as well or turn into a ‘saasu ma’ for others, only time will tell.

A post shared by shilpa shinde (@shilpashinde1) on Jan 23, 2016 at 10:16am PST

2.Hina Khan- Telly world’s another favourite ‘Akshara’ bahu is all set to show a side of her which was hidden from the world. Also, rumour has it that she is one the highest paid in the lot.


A post shared by Hina Khan (@realhinakhan) on Sep 24, 2017 at 5:41am PDT


3.Priyank Sharma- He was the chocolate boy in Splitsvilla this year and the reality show contestant is already gearing up for his next reality stint this year.

Major candid fail 🤦�?♂� All set to see Surat people wearing one of my favourite Brands of the watches out there @zefariandco . Thanks for the lovely watch 😄

A post shared by Priyank Sharma (@priyanksharmaaa) on Sep 19, 2017 at 8:41am PDT


4.Niti Taylor- The cute girl-next-door who has been a regular in a lot of youth-oriented shows is going to be a ‘padosi’ to many in Bigg Boss this year.

I love my juttis from These juttis are all you should have in your bucket list. Your so Trendy and Chic juttis are really crazy. My favorite Jutti Brand

A post shared by Niti Taylor (@nititaylor) on Sep 27, 2017 at 3:15am PDT


5.Hiten Tejwani- He’s been missing in action for a long time but he’s definitely fresh in our memories. Hiten will be seen as a contestant in this season.

To a mind that is still the whole universe surrenders. Chuang Tzu #calm #quoteoftheday #wednesday #smile #beawesome #positive #hitentejwaniofficial

A post shared by hitentejwani (@hitentejwani) on Jun 21, 2017 at 9:32am PDT


6.Vikas Gupta- He’s the man behind many productions as he’s a well known producer himself. Will this help him become more camera-friendly? Only time will tell when he is introduced to us today.

#GanpatiReady #AnnualGanpatiLunch Styled by #LBMyxx Kurta @cottonon_my Pants @rehanshahdesigns Watch @Burberry Stole @zara Thankyou guys 😘#lostboys

A post shared by Vikas Gupta (@lostboyjourney) on Aug 27, 2017 at 6:22am PDT


7.Gaurav Gera- He was the first confirmed contestant and everyone’s favourite shopkeeper is coming in as ‘Pinky Padosan’ who is selling gossip, for TRPs.

#Repost @colorstv ・・・ Meet #PinkyPadosan! She’s got all the neighborhood gossip & more! #BB11 @gauravgera 😘😘 thank u for the compliment already .. Pretty hoon na ðŸ˜?ðŸ˜?â?¤ï¸?â?¤ï¸?😘😘

A post shared by Gaurav gera (@gauravgera) on Sep 25, 2017 at 3:15am PDT

It is rumoured that Salman is going to earn a whopping Rs 11 crore per episode, which is insane. The season kick-starts tonight on Colors and will be on for around the next 15 weeks.