Dec 152012

Saturday, December 15, 2012

15th December, 2012: A strip club has said that they are ready to pay Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan’s storage bill is she works for them. According to reports a strip club in New York is ready to give her $ 16000 which she owes to a storage company and get back her possessions that will be sold at an auction in December if could not return the amount.lindsay lohan picture

The club wants the 26 year old actress to host a video chat show on and it has nothing to do with nudity. They also stated that they would pay the rent of Lindsay Lohan’s Beverley Hills mansion for next few months.

This year, Lindsay had posed naked for adult magazine Playboy and now she is all set to lose her family heirlooms, designer clothes and more importunely some potentially embarrassing things stored in her locker

The bank account of the Liz & Dick star has been frozen IRS (Internal Revenue Service) because of unpaid taxes of US$ 233904 for the year 2009 and 2010. Lindsay also owes £ 8000 in rent for her Beverley Hills mansion.

Actor Charlie Sheen gave £ 100000 to help her, but the actor tells that the Liz & Dick star have not event thank him for that.

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