Oct 222017

You just can’t forget ‘Rajesh Ramayan Koothrappali’ from ‘Big Bang Theory’ with his god-awful sweater vests and a naive yet kind heart. Portrayed by Kunal Nayyar, Raj’s character is just too hard to ignore. Raj is one of the five main characters to appear in every episode. For people who don’t know much about his character, Raj is Howard Joel Wolowitz’s (Simon Helberg) best friend, the two have an amazing on-screen presence and their bromance is hysterically awesome. However, at times things do take an awkward turn due to his metrosexuality.

Well, Kunal recently made a brief appearance on the ‘Ellen Show’ and the discussion the two had is already making waves thanks to its hilarious content.

Big Bang Theory(c) CBS

When an actor appears on Ellen DeGeneres’ show you know what to expect. Fun, embarrassing moments, intimate topics and of course, pure insanity. And that’s exactly how Kunal and Ellen’s conversation went down.

From him admitting that he waves to literally anyone….even if he has no idea who they are, to his religious commitment to eating, the entire episode was filled with moments that leave you in splits.

However, what grabbed our attention was when the two started talking about the festival of lights. The actor went on to explain how Diwali is celebrated in India and what people usually do during those days.

He told her about ‘Choti Diwali’ and explained, “It’s like small Diwali and then today is the actual Diwali. People start partying a week before.”

 Ellen Show(c) The Ellen Show

Ellen even asked him if people eat or drink a certain item to which Kunal said, “No just alcohol and food.”

The concept of partying way before the actual festival began left Ellen feeling considerably jealous as she said, “You should have a small holiday before a big one, why don’t we have one before the big one?”

And later she came up with an epic idea of having Thanksgiving in Diwali style. Well, that’s an interesting take. The two are so natural and spontaneous that you can’t get enough of them.

This clip is still trending on 49th position in YouTube and just within few days has got over 3,70,000 views.

Check out her Ellen’s full response because it’s too good to miss.


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