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If mothers are an epitome of love, warmth, and affection; fathers are sometimes the exact opposite! They are a perfect blend of swag, sarcasm and a ‘bro’ who will never mince words while ‘complimenting’ or trolling you. Honestly, a five-minute conversation with your dad is all you need to know about your real self. Having said that, fathers are the best people you need in your life and watching them do their ‘dad thing’ is priceless.

Check Out Shah Rukh Khan's Witty Post On Suhana's 18th Birthday© Twitter

And Bollywood’s Baadshah, Shah Rukh Khan, did the most dad thing ever on his daughter Suhana’s 18th birthday, with this witty post. Suhana must have gone tons of wishes on her birthday, but King Khan’s message just stole the show with this sarcasm-filled wish.  

He wrote, “Like all daughters, I knew you were always meant for flying…and now you can also legally do what you have been doing since you were 16! Love you.” Fathers, we tell you! Although we are curious and thinking about things that Suhana can now “legally do”?

Like all daughters, I knew you were always meant for flying…and now u can also legally do what u have been doing since u were 16…!! Love u.

A post shared by Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) on May 22, 2018 at 1:47pm PDT

As for the birthday girl Suhana, who is a diva in her own right, it seems to have been a close affair with friends and family. But, Gauri’s message hints at a big birthday bash for her. Though there is not much known about it.      

While we are excited to see how Suhana celebrated her 18th birthday, we can’t help but say that Shah Rukh Khan just took home the ‘Best Dad’ award with a single post.

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