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AFINew Delhi: The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports have recommended fresh elections for the Athletics Federation of India (AFI) after it found that previous elections were not conducted under the guidelines of the Sports Code.

The ministry has also asked the AFI to amend their constitution as some parts were not in accordance with the code.

“It was found that Clause XIV (b)(1) of the Constitution of AFI required that a person must be an existing member of the Executive Committee of the AFI for seeking election to the post of President/Secretary.  This Clause was found to be restricting the potential candidates and was also in violation of the National Sports Development Code 2011,” a release from the ministry said.

“It was also observed that the election to the post of Treasurer was also in contravention of the Department of Personnel & Training’s Circular dated 22-4-1994.”

“The AFI has been directed to amend its constitution to delete Article XIV (b)(1) and hold elections to the above three posts de-novo. They have been advised that if the above action is not carried out within the period of 60 days, or 28 February 2013, whichever is earlier, the recognition to AFI shall stand withdrawn without any further notice,” the release further ended.

By Indian Sports News Network

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