Mar 202018

We all cry a bucket or two when life hits us hard. But, nothing can be more painful than a friend hitting you hard at a time when you least expect it (quite literally). And TV’s popular actress Shraddha Arya learned this lesson in the most brutal way possible. Not that I am trying to sound like a sadist, but I laughed hard and enjoyed seeing her get hurt, because that’s basically most of us while doing a group project.  

I am sure I am not the only one who hated the concept of group projects in college. No matter, how hard you worked, there was always someone who came around and f**ked things up for everyone. This video is a graphic representation of the same.

Check Out TV Actress Shraddha Arya's Towel Dance Video© instagram

Shraddha Arya, who currently appears on Zee TV popular daily soap, ‘Kundali Bhagya’, recently shared a throwback video of her doing a ‘towel dance’ with two of her friends. The video started on a high note and we soon started comparing it to Ranbir Kapoor’s iconic towel dance from ‘Saawariya’. But, things soon went downhill and she had to stop it immediately.  

Stop having any weird thoughts guys, it wasn’t a wardrobe malfunction. However, it did get brutal in the end. She was dancing happily before her friend accidently slapped her hard in the face.  

Hahahahah😂 when things don’t go as planned, since we were so messy from the start. (Watch till the end) @meher_gill @bhaveshweta #bloopers #whatrubbish 😂#throwback #wth

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It’s okay Shraddha, not everyone can be a pro at towel dance like Ranbir Kapoor. On this note, let’s take a walk down the memory lane and look at Ranbir’s debut days.

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