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While most celebrities try to stay away from controversies, Salman Khan, on the other hand, seems to love being in the news for all the wrong reasons. Instead of trying to avoid saying and doing things that can potentially land him in trouble, the Bollywood star is doing just the opposite.

So, when you have the nerve to make callous comments, you also need to be ready for the following backlash as well. After all, what goes around comes around! 

At times, he compares his exhaustion from a physically demanding shoot to that of a “raped woman” and then some other day you discover that he disregards a child’s consent. What person in their right mind fails to understand the meaning of rape or feels that it is okay to hug a child without his consent?

Kids usually love me, this boy was an exception.. at least I got my hug in the end 😜� #dancedeewane @beingsalmankhan @madhuridixitnene @anilskapoor

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Yes, to all the Bhaijaan fans out there, I know the poor actor is always dragged into controversies. He is never at fault. He is as innocent as a kid. He is a 52-year-old man-child.

Salman Fat-Shames A Woman Proving He Can Never Change

Maintaining his streak of imprudent actions, this time the multi-talented (when it comes to making a fool of himself) Salman Khan fat-shamed a 42-year-old woman on a dance reality show.

The actor publicly made fun of Meenal Dhapre’s weight not just once but multiple times. However, the contestant was so stunned to see her idol Madhuri Dixit Nene before her, that she was oblivious to Salman’s comments. But his harsh remarks did catch everyone else’s attention.

Salman Fat-Shames A Woman Proving He Can Never Change© Colors

It all happened when Meenal requested a hug from Madhuri before her performance. Madhuri obliged and the excited contestant came running when Salman said: “araam araam se, kahin stage na toot jaaye” (Careful, the stage might just break). Besides the appalling comment, it was also shocking to see how all the other celebrities sitting there let this slide as a joke.

Salman Fat-Shames A Woman Proving He Can Never Change© Colors

And that wasn’t it. Looking at Madhuri and Meenal talking, Salman asked if they knew each other. To which the contestant replied that she comes from a ‘chhota shahar’ (small town). And since he is the representative of ‘Being Human’, he remarked how she could fit in there? Ironic isn’t it? 

Here’s the Video of Salman Khan Fat Shaming the woman. pic.twitter.com/D2HMw0DQyv

— Ranbir Kapoor Has Killed It. (@RKsMiddleFinger) June 5, 2018

Salman honestly, what the hell is wrong with you and your so-called comic sense?

After hugging Madhuri, Meenal promptly lost her balance and fell. We all probably would as well, if we ever saw our idols right before us.

Later on, Meenal gave an entertaining performance on Mera Piya Ghar Aaya from ‘Yaarana’. All the while, Salman stood close to the stage and when she concluded her performance he said, “main wahan isliye khada tha ki aap kahin phir se tappa khaaker gir gaye toh?”

He straight away compared her to a ball. How ignorant were the celebrities and the audience, who did not feel the need to call out Salman for his insolent and disrespectful behaviour?

If not for anything, just respect the fact that she can dance and you suck at that job literally. You might have found this funny, but your sense of humour is as low as your IQ. 

Dear Bhaijaan, I know you can get away with anything, but how about showing some responsibility, as millions of people look up to you? Or let me guess, you don’t really know what fat-shaming actually means. If that is the case, then don’t worry, there are ways to enlighten people like you.

As per the Cambridge dictionary, here is the definition of fat-shaming (along with an example):

In case you feel Cambridge is not that reliable a source, then here’s another one from Oxford:

But we are all ears to understand the meaning of ‘fat-shaming’ from Salman Khan’s dictionary (because that seems to be the best reference book on how to get away with a crime).

Of course, Twitter lost it as well and trolled the ‘Race 3’ actor.

Sooooo. On this dance reality show, a fat woman said, she’s from a very “small” place and Salman Khan made a joke about “how did she fit there?” and that’s only of the reasons why I hate him so much.

— Prags should be studying, but isn’t (@inkdin) June 2, 2018

Mr @BeingSalmanKhan
U lecture Priyank Sharma for 60 minutes for body shaming
Now what you did 👇👇👇
Practice what you preach Mr Salman Khan @BeingSalmanKhan pic.twitter.com/q7VWFFDIJO

— My view (@Alishajalota1) June 5, 2018

U do not have any right to fat shame a lady!
U r previlaged to maintain ur physique, not all r!
She is a good dancer (better than u certainly) and u shud have stuck to ur reason of being called on the show- promoting ur film!
Any Bollywood celebrity condemning?

— drharshavardhankale (@DrHarshKale) June 5, 2018

If despite me stating everything, you still fail to understand as to why I am losing it, please feel free to call or email me. I’m all ready to give you a FREE class on ‘how to talk and behave’. 

Or you can just apologise for once. 

P.S. Don’t ask your dad to do that on your behalf because it’s time the man-child grows up.

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