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Salma Hayek speaks about her film ‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard’:

1. On her character – She’s pretty tough. Yes, she’s pretty tough and she’s pretty pulled together but she is angry. She is very angry at her husband and her husband is also very tough and he is madly in love with her and it is played by none other than Sam Jackson. So, I think she’s the toughest person in his movie

2. On “Darius Kincaid” and Sonia Kincaid’s relationship – They’re madly, crazy in love with each other, they’ve been together long time and this is the marriage that the passion never goes away and she keeps him on his toes and she’s the only person, probably, in the world that can do that and I think, at the end it’s a little bit of a love story packed with the most amazing action and lots and lots of laughs. What’s moving the action is this love story, this man that is ready to do anything for this woman, even though she doesn’t make it easy for him

3. On “Sonia Kincaid” meeting “Darius Kincaid” for the first time – When I meet my husband for the first time, I’m in a situation where I have to defend myself, which by the way, I’m sure that later on she was wondering, “How come he never tried to help her?” I don’t know that he is there because I didn’t even notice him and I, kind of, impressed him because I can hold my own in a fight, in a bar fight, with many men and I think I am just looking after myself but this is how I find the greatest love of my life

4. On the film’s sophisticated action – The whole thing is one action scene after another but I watch a lot of action films because of my husband loves action films and it gets repetitive. Now you see so many of them, that’s the time I kind of, go brush my teeth and when I was watching this one I was “like this”. It’s kind of sophisticated. It’s really cool, they go to so many places in Europe and it is impossible to get your eyes and your ears off of this pair, Sam Jackson and Ryan are the two actors in the world that can do action-comedy the best, I think. The chemistry between them is fantastic.

5. On her character’s dirty mouth and warm heart – I knew I had to do a character that’s said a lot of that words that Sam says a lot of bad words with dirty mouth because we had to speak the same language so that was kind of fun. I’ve never said so many bad words in such a short amount of time and she had to have a lot of heart but at the same time she had to be a force to reckon with

6. On the film’s Atypical romances – It’s romantic. Somehow, the film packed with action and with a nostalgic, romantic kind of a feeling also that’s it is unusual. It’s not the typical love story that you sometime see in the action movies.

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