Dec 262017

While some of us dressed as Santa (not by choice) to entertain the younger kids at home, and some were busy working or making separate groups on WhatsApp (with party written in caps) in hopes that someone will meet, the rest were actually partying and celebrating Christmas.

Our beloved Bollywood stars belong to the latter part of the world and unless you broke your phone in anger over your botched plan, you would have seen their party pictures by now. From Karan Johar, Taimur Ali Khan and Kapoor Family, Akshay Kumar and other celebrities, almost everyone has posted pictures and videos from their Christmas party.

Sagarika Ghatge & Zaheer Khan's Crazy Christmas Celebration© Instagram

And the latest participants in this Christmas party marathon are Sagarika Ghatge and Zaheer Khan. Ever since their wedding in November, Sagarika and Zaheer have never really switched off their party mode and we are not complaining! At least we get to enjoy their party virtually, if not physically (since they always forget to invite us anyway).

Thank you Arshad and Maria for the best Christmas dinner – to good times and laughter. Merry Christmas â?¤ï¸? @yuvisofficial @zaheer_khan34 @mariagorettiz

A post shared by Sagarika (@sagarikaghatge) on Dec 25, 2017 at 12:58pm PST

Forget best actor/ actress or best movie; if there was ever an award for the ‘best party animal’, newlyweds Zaheer Khan and Sagarika Ghatge will undoubtedly take home that prize. This couple sure knows how to party like there’s no tomorrow and then make people burn with jealousy looking at their party pictures. Although, some might argue that ‘goals’ is too strong a word to use here, but Sagarika and Zaheer are actually giving us both relationship and party goals.

Merry Christmas â?¤ï¸? @amritakak love the dress – thank you 😘😘😘😘

A post shared by Sagarika (@sagarikaghatge) on Dec 25, 2017 at 3:46am PST

The couple’s party friend list included Yuvraj Singh, Aashish Chaudhary and Ashish Nehra among others. 

Merry Christmas from the mother and the boys 👩?👦?👦

A post shared by Sagarika (@sagarikaghatge) on Dec 25, 2017 at 11:16am PST

Although Sagarika Ghatge and Zaheer Khan opted for a small wedding ceremony with close friends and family members, their post wedding and reception parties have been larger than life with moments like Virat and Anushka’s epic dance, which we all will remember for many days to come. Also, now that Virushka is hosting a grand reception party today, one can only expect craziness to skyrocket and hit the roof.

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