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First impressions are truly deceptive, as is evident when we meet Raghu Ram. The producer-anchor made a career off an image that showcased him as mean, and verbally-abusive, ala American producer Simon Cowell. But Ram, who is set to host the show Entertainment Ki Raat, says that the impression was “a front”. In conversation with mid-day, Ram talks about his show, and redefining his image after the game show, Roadies.

Raghu Ram
Raghu Ram

You have created the image of being a verbally abusive person. Is that how you are?
Honestly, I don’t use abusive language. That was merely an image that had to be created for that show [Roadies]. I had to be that guy to evoke a response from the person [participants] sitting in front of me. I have also written a book about my experience [Rearview: My Roadies Journey]. However, I wouldn’t call it being abusive, merely passionate.

What convinced you to sign up for Entertainment Ki Raat?
I wanted to see how it would [enable me to] showcase my personality. I like to find new ways to express myself. This show lets me do that. The audience will see the difference once they watch the show.

Would this be like the roasts we’ve seen before?
It’s nothing like a roast. My agenda will be to ensure that everyone has fun. It must be entertaining for the guest, viewers and me. Artistes take themselves too seriously once they become celebrities.

What according to you has been your career’s highlight?
Writing the book is an achievement. I am a college dropout; I wrote weekly columns for newspapers in Punjab and Chandigarh for free. I think writing a book is pretty bad a**. For me this is the pinnacle of achievement. So much has been spoken about me, and I’ve never really clarified [my stance], so, this was me telling my story.

How instrumental has your twin brother, Rajiv been in enabling you to be successful?
Your question undervalues his place in my life. If it wasn’t for my brother, I’d have an ordinary life. There is nothing special about me, except Rajiv. We are doing a lot of work for our production house. We’ve recently signed a show with Amazon Prime. The third season of our collaboration, Aisha, will go on floors soon. Besides this, Rajiv and I just wrapped up the last episode of MTV Dropout. We’re looking at some other shows too.

What has your biggest regret?
Hurting people. My marriage hasn’t worked out and I have not been there for people when they needed me.

Any plans to start dating again?
I cannot. I am too shy. I have never spoken to a stranger in my life unless it is for work. Someone has to hook me up.

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