Oct 122017

No, both of these pictures are not of Rihanna. The woman on the left is actually Andele Lara, a beauty influencer and founder of the website Grow & Glow. But, Andele bears an uncanny resemblance to the pop star, it’s so hard to ignore.

Rihanna Has A Striking Look-Alike And It's Confusing Everyone © Instagram

Every few weeks, a new celebrity doppelgänger pops up, and immediately goes viral. Chances are, if you look remotely like a celebrity, you can get all the internet fame you want. And, this is Andele’s moment to shine.

It’s honestly hard to believe that this is not Rihanna.

Glowing all Summa’ 💛 ðŸ?­

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The exact same look Rihanna had in the ‘FourFiveSeconds’ video.

Shhhhh… a surprise is coming! Stay tuned!! @patrickstarrr ✨

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It’s even more spot-on when she closes her eyes.


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If you were wondering, yes, she is well aware of her resemblance to the celebrity. She even wrote about in on the About Me page on her blog, saying, “I’ve never had a career of being a ‘Rihanna Look Alike’ – Yes, there is a little resemblance to Rihanna but NO; I am NOT a Rihanna lookalike.”

You requested it so we rewind. � #BecauseILookSoBomb

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She even mentioned that she got hate for looking like Rihanna, which is beyond stupid and confusing. Imagine getting hate for looking like someone else, it’s not like she can change that. Maybe, Rihanna will step in to set these haters straight. 

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