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Jab Shah Rukh Khan collaborated with DJ Diplo, fans couldn’t contain their excitement and we got ‘Phurrr’. The song was loved by many and criticised by some. And if reports are to be believed Diplo is all set to collaborate with rapper Badshah for a single.

Badshah (c) Twitter

The development itself has got many eager and excited for this collaboration. It goes without saying that people love Badshah and adding Diplo’s twist to it will definitely be something to look out for. 

Zindagi hai kaali tabhi likhun kaali raat mein, top pe khadaa akela koi nahi sath mein

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Badshah’s latest song ‘Mercy’, has created rage among the fans, so one can only imagine what will happen when the duo comes together.

A source revealed to, “Diplo had always loved working with Indian artistes and he obviously knows about Badshah’s body of work. Badshah has been flying to the US quite often and has been working on the song that they want to create together.”

Start from nothing, Stop for nothing #selfmade

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“However, the modalities are still being worked upon and if everything falls in place, the duo will soon sign on the dotted line,” the source added!

Mercy(c) Sony Music

If all goes well, then soon we will be hearing their track and we bet it will be a song on everyone’s playlist for sure!  Till then let’s keep our finger crossed.  


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