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If you ever felt that you are falling short of reasons to look forward to the remaining months of 2017, Bollywood has sorted things out for you with a ‘killer’ line-up of movies. And the torch-bearer of these awesome releases is Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Padmavati’. Even before its release, the movie has been turning several heads and how. First, it was the controversy around the movie’s plot and the film sets being vandalized, and then things took a lighter turn when we saw how striking Deepika Padukone and Shahid Kapoor will look in the movie as goddess queen Rani Padmini, and fierce and undefeated Maharawal Ratan Singh. We are already gasping for air after looking at the two. 

Ranveer Singh Looks Killer As Sultan Alauddin Khilji In ‘Padmavati'© Viacom18 Motion Pictures

While, the two looked stunning in their respective characters, we were still waiting for another shocker to hit us real hard and that was Ranveer Singh aka Sultan Allaudin Khilji’s look. With kohl eyes and a cold deadly stare, long tresses and a scar on his face; Ranveer Singh looks like a badass, making it harder to wait for the release. 


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Bhansali is known for his larger than life movies, which are filled with grandeur and opulence and this magnum-opus promises to tick all those boxes as well. Ranveer Singh will play the role of a cruel and ruthless antagonist who gets mesmerized by the beauty of Rani Padmavati. Well, when you have Deepika Padukone as the lead, it’s really difficult for anyone to not fall for her charm. 


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Ranveer’s new look has created quite a stir on Twitter, with people having differing thoughts about the character. However, there are some smartasses who are still not over ‘Game of Thrones’ and found some similarity between Ranveer Singh and Khal Drogo.  

🤔🤔🤔#Khilji pic.twitter.com/bvZSm1PZ8A

— The Mad Engineer (@Navneet_22) 3 October 2017

#Khilji was a honourable TURKISH Sultan who fight against Moghul invasion in India. Wtf? u portrait him so mean and ugly. Very #DISSAPOINTED

— Deva ‘O’ndadır 🇹🇷 (@EmineDemir_) 3 October 2017

Am i the only one who thinks @RanveerOfficial looks more like #Khaldrogo than #Khilji #Padmavati #KhiljiIsComing #RanveerSingh

— Being Weird (@WildChildVini) 3 October 2017

That moment when you Couldn’t decide whether to get terrified or fall for that charm.@RanveerOfficial #Khilji https://t.co/pa2TaWEhe0

— Lu©i£€® (@goswamiparth1) 3 October 2017

Dedication level of dis actor is damn tooo high… absolutely killing it #Khilji  @RanveerOfficial  #Padmavati #AllaudinKhilji ðŸ˜? pic.twitter.com/xUjDntsOpq

— Aditi harris (@Aditi_harris) 3 October 2017

#Khilji if you want to create a historical character: do research on it nah just fill eyes with Kohl. Bollywood logic, working since Rabta 😶

— GunJan tripathi (@gungun005) 3 October 2017

Who did it better? 😂#Khilji vs #SharmajiKaBeta pic.twitter.com/AQrEGh8rUD

— Yogi (@UdtaLiberal) 3 October 2017

Ranveer has really worked hard for this role and the first look hints at how difficult his character is going to be. In fact, Ranveer got so engrossed into the character that he is reportedly consulting a psychiatrist to come out of this evil phase. This period drama ‘Padmavati’ is expected to release in December and is definitely going to be a game changer for Bollywood.

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