Jul 052017

Soundarya RajnikanthSoundarya Rajnikanth with her father Rajnikanth. Pic/Instagram

After seven years of marriage, Saundarya Rajnikanth, superstar Rajnikanth’s daughter, has taken a divorce from her businessman husband Ashwin.

As per a report published in the Times of India, the family court in Chennai passed the judicial order of separation and the couple are now formally divorced. The family court judge Maria Clatta formalized the separation after both Soundarya and Ashwin stood firm on their decision to separate. The couple have been staying separate for about seven months now and the divorce proceedings were being carried out before the courts without any show of hatred between the couple. The settlement that was reached is yet unknown.

The couple got married on September 23, 2010 and have a four-year-old son. There has been no news about the custody of the boy. Lawyers privy to the divorce said that the couple were having some misunderstandings that were beyond reconciliation. While there have been reports of marital discord between the two, they have always denied it. It is believed that the fact that Soundarya said that she was always proud to identify herself as ‘Soundarya Rajinikanth’ may have been the reason for the discord.

Soundarya and Ashwin appeared in court together and their individual proceedings went off smoothly.

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